GB's Underwater Football

was the third mural I worked for the family. I just realized as I was working on the new mural that I never posted completed panoramic shots of the last mural. Located at the S. Broadway GBs Fish n Chips, this is the second of two murals at that locale. Also to my disappointment I cannot find the final version, however, here is a process version that was just before the final touches, it is missing a few small sections if you view it at full size, and below it is an angle shot of the final mural over the different surfaces.The remaining portion of the mural that wraps around the cylinder on the far left is missing, in the last GB's post you can see me working this section in the sunset video. I am almost sure that a final version exists, and will be searching for it. This one was a blast to create for GB's and I look forward to posting the final panoramic shot of this archival mural and the War Paint mural soon. Thanks for stopping in.

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