collabo is in the works, and a new mural to accompany it will be going up at a distinct location soon! These were created in Adobe Illustrator as new concepts for this upcoming mural. (Really it was just finding the right reference for a lid that seemed to fit the character) Come and check out the progress as I get prepped to knock out a big portrait of this guy. It is fun to use digital artwork then translate it into large scale artwork done by hand. I am going to keep this post short as I need to get some rest and get to work on this and many other projects coming up. Thanks for stopping in!

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Sacred Sow Final Graphic

has been separated and prepared as a three color. The process of separating the artwork in this fashion involves drawing out the shadow pattern from the final ink rendering, and then knocking out the halftone in those areas only. This gives us the final effect of a light and shadow pattern, but only utilizing one color. The two spot colors of grey and pink are also effected by the halftone, giving these areas the same pattern. I enjoy this separation technique because it allows for simple rendering effects to be applied to spot color, and keeps cost down for a client when they are going to have these printed as stickers, shirts, labels, etc. This graphic was a lot of fun to concept and create, and I am excited to see it go to print. Look for more on this project and the entire album package in future posts. Thanks for stopping in. 

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Four 4x5 panels in 48hours!

has been the name of the game this weekend. I have so many great projects, illustrations and new mural info to share with you, but first, I completed these four panels in less than 48 hours for Pastor Age, and Tha Myx community ministry who is getting a new parish at the freshly built addition to the Joshua Station assisted living complex. Long story short these panels are created out of love, for the love, and embedded with love as I concepted, painted and delivered these paintings in record time for Tha Myx ministry to get underway this week. Created with spraypaint and enamel, I established a straight forward process for these works to ensure they would flow smoothly and get completed in a timely manner. Of course the level of finish is limited with this kind of time turnaround, but overall there is some cool stuff here, and large scale at that. 
With each painting being 48" x 60" this can be daunting, but luckily I am familiar with large scale transfer and execution.
Above is the completed set of paintings, with their accompanying "theme". These themes will be displayed on small plaques below the paintings at the new Myx location. Look for more process on many project w.i.p. and new murals starting soon! Thanks for stopping in and click the links to find out more about Tha Myx ministry and the Sun Valley community. 

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is next in the GhettDoughboyz series on deck. I must admit I had written down this variation in the first fleeting thoughts of the concept, but recently have been watching Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings, and this one flowed out from there! What a masterpiece the animated LOTR is, and how inspiring a vision Bakshi and everyone else involved on the project had, from cells to background paintings, to rotoscope, to accuracy of story, just amazing! I am excited to complete this one, about 45 minutes in at this stage. A fond thank you as always for stopping in, look for the finished "FroDough" in future posts. 


Once in a Blue Moon...

is the new theme for this flavor label sketch. Two-headed cows, blue moons with faces, smurfs!!!! How could you go wrong with a flavor so shrouded in mystery and sought after the worldwide! Enjoying the process of getting these roughs sketched out, and the digital stages are in full swing, look for posts on that in the near future. Thanks for stopping in to view the work, ballpoint pen on vellum for this one. 


More maniacal Monkeys!

are being sketched and vectorized.....what will happen to them next? A whole lot of digital coloring that's what! These are fun to work up while staying true to the logo of this character at the same time. Look for more progress on these labels and all the Nuggs flavor labels as we amp up for a big month of finalization. This flavor will most likely be one of my favorites, always had a soft spot for coffee ice cream. Thanks for stopping in!


Sacred Sow Final

line drawing is sewn up and ready for some color. I added the wing details, some line variation and weight differences. In this post you can see the digital rendering, and the line drawing break down. During the separation stage is where I aim to pull out some of the value and tonal variation we see in the rendering. 
Enjoying the progress thus far so I am ready to prep some color studies and a few ideas on separation that I have employed in the past. A soft halftone light separation could be a nice finishing aspect to this graphic, but it will take a few practice runs to see which colors are the right fit. Thanks for stopping through to see this stage finish up. 


Sacred Sow

line drawing is complete, minus the wing details. This will be getting the good ol' separation preparation for Tshirts and stickers, keep an eye out for those posts. Don't usually work a final line drawing in photoshop but it was smooth and easy, maybe the Cintiq companion is in the near future……decisions, decisions. Thanks for stopping in. 


Masters of the Universe

rough in process. This is for an upcoming project and I am focusing on the large shapes and gesture. Enjoying the direction it is going thus far, will most likely change and adjust a number of things but the general feel and shape arrangement is appealing. Look for more on this project and more progress on this image in future posts. Thanks for stopping in!


"Doughnan The Barbarian"

is the recent addition to the GhettDough series of illustrations I have been compiling. This one has so many fun props and gestures to play around with, happy with the direction I chose, and the weaponry our "Doughnan" wields. The more I work on these I realize they deserve color, so I am thinking watercolor would be a nice touch to finish them off. Oh the fun of exploring word play with character design......having a blast with this series, hope you are too! Thanks for stopping by to view the work!