4.7 Stroker Skulls Finals

At the end of the year in 2010 I had posted about skulls in their many process stages, and now I get to post the final step in this process, vinyl application to a vehicle. This piece was created as a one of a kind vinyl sticker to be applied to Chef Reynolds bad ass Rubicon with a 4.7 Stroker engine under the hood. So without further ado, here are the images of application, stickers in blazing glory once set up, and a final shot of the rig itself. I aim to get some more shots, but for now, enjoy bloggers. As always thanks for stopping by.

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Quik post: WIP

Work in Progress that will be available for sale and viewing for second Saturday at the Wazee Union. More info soon.

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Trackside on 38th

This is a study created from reference and a sketch, across the tracks near 38th you can get a interesting play on atmospheric perspective. There are a few intermodel bases, oil cars, and a lone boxcar or two, all made for an interesting arrangement to me. Larger pieces are in the works from these studies.

"Overcast Trackside 38th" Oil on canvas, 5 x 7


SHOT Cover

In previous posts I had shown you the logo I am working on for Jenna Avriel Rice Photography, and here is SHOT magazine in which Jenna's photo of my nighttime mural escapades was chosen
to grace the cover back in 2009. She recently brought by some extra copies, and some great prints, a must have from any good photographer. I was psyched to see the image on the cover even some time down the line, and as I said before her work is light years progressed from these images. Keep your eyes peeled for more on her new site, and more images from the Avriel Rice archives.

Jenna Avriel Rice Logo previously on DD Arts: The Hand Drawn Logo


Out of town postsponed..... Refill Records

I have been out of town for a few days and hadn't posted for you, just too much fun in the south to be sitting in front of a computer. So here is a post of some current projects in the works for some folks out of San Francisco and the Northern Cali area.....look for these in print very soon, and more info on where you can purchase the goods.


Ivita Live Painting and Press

Quick update, I received notice some time ago of the press shots and final capture of the live painting created at the Ivita booth at KushCon2 this past December. New murals and prints coming soon for the new Logan location opening Spring 2011.

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Prime Element feat Apathy.....for you indeed

Here is the new fuego from the one and only Prime Element, formerly known as 3 The Hardway, recently signed to Kamakazi Airlines. I have posted some recent things about these cats, not to mention the amazing artwork they have, shameless plug.....but they did just do this track w Apathy, of CT, AOTP fame....nuff said. Go download it, and while your at it, peep a show, they're doing a tour w Dilated at the end of this month, and get their amazing music, Avius Solo, Es Nine solo, Cysko Rokwells Five Dollar Buster, Set in Stone, and so much more they have in store watch out world.
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Wyoming Chilled Express

All apologies for the lapse in posts, I am heading out of town for a music, art and all around jam down south, and have been moving to a new apartment and putting extensive fabrication work into the new studio, which is looking incredibly sharp......stop by for second Saturday this weekend, I wont be there to see you but you will enjoy the open studios.

Here is a piece that was done as a study, sold to a collector, and now is being pruned into a larger work. More on that and many other works in progress, which I know I have to keep you up to date on.......more from Texas later bloggers.

"Wyoming Chilled Express" Oil, 6" x 8"


Lost Big Air Progress

I realized I did not post any progress photos from the Big Air plein air piece, and I have a photo of the piece at about the two hour mark. Hope you all enjoy, and follow the link for more info about this event.
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