A Day with Sun Valley

Today was incredible, beginning of some great and inspiring projects with the Sun Valley Community in West Denver. I have worked with the community many times before and am extremely excited to kick off a whole new series of works with everyone in Sun Valley. Here are some shots from our first day of meetings pertaining to a number of different goals and future developments for the neighborhood. I will leave the rest of the photos to tell the story, always a blast to work with the SVYC youth and draw! So much great talent among these kids, and the photos show for it. I have to talk about the bus concepts by Matthew, just amazing in my opinion that he completed both the Sun Valley concept, in addition to the And Justice for All concept, complete with Lady Liberty in one sitting! Wow! Someone is destined for artistic endeavors of some shape or form. Look for much more in the future as the projects unfold. Special thanks to Kris at SVYC, Stereo Abstract, Bureau A and all the community members, DHA members, Design Workshop and anyone else I forgot. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the wonders of pure creativity!


Daughters Portrait to scale

 Thanks to Emily and Menis here is a shot of the final painting in home, and a few shots of the final from sketch to painting. Gives a bit better sense of scale to see the piece amidst other objects. I am also including a few links to some other works in spraypaint that have been favorites among friends and collectors. Look for more from the studio and mural work soon. Thanks for dropping by.


Infinite Monkey Theorem 8 Pack

I found it appropriate and not on purpose mind you, to post the finals of the IMT artwork along with the combo dinner featuring Charlie Palmer and IMT founder/Winemaker Ben Parsons, the ironic part is I picked the exact date randomly. So as the patrons are surely filled to the brim with wine and their tasting menu items,  I will share the final images and detail shots of the IMT wine barrel artwork. This set of 8 turned out really cool with new textures and wood finishes to spraypaint onto. I really enjoy the detail shots and the look of raw spraypaint on wood, really the only solution for painting these pieces, considering they are generally quite moist upon arrival, and remain so even through the painting stages. The wood brands and the coinciding stencils that the vineyards apply are so unique, what a great way to distinguish your flavor and location. Very excited to see these begin to pop up around the state, and look for more from IMT, Ghost Plate and Tap and myself very soon. Thanks to Ben, Karen, and Lisa for this go round, and to all of you for stopping in. 


The Art of Records Recap

Photos of the final works hanging with their accompanying 12 inch at Family Affair Denver. Twas a great show with some cool takes on the original album art. This album cover was a great challenge to undertake with such limited time and the vision that I saw for the final piece. Ever since I was a kid I have greatly enjoyed getting new music and always loved when musicians used artwork for the cover. It tells a different story than a well taken photograph, or even the best digital artists rendition, in my opinion. So when I was approached for this show I had a few ideas in mind for covers that I had always considered my favorites, both musically and cover art wise, but had yet to fully decide on one, there are so many. You can see a few of those in the thumbnails from the initial post. 
When push came to shove, I wanted to re-create the Lootpack cover, even if it meant giving up some sleep. Hailing from Oxnard, California the Lootpack is comprised of Wildchild, Madlib, and DJ Romes. I have had the priveledge of traveling to Oxnard and painting there, it is grimy to say the least. This album was released in 1998 I believe, and I first saw a video for it on a late night public music channel around the same time for "When I'm On Da Mic" which is absolutely hilarious. In short it has Lootpack as MIB and then finding aliens in the desert in shiny suits, check it out. I instantly knew that the music from this group was going to be something. Madlib of course has gone on to become one of the most sought after producers in Hip Hop, if not the most talented, also my opinion. 
With all this in mind I set out on creating the cover for this album that I always had envisioned, not to downplay what the artist had produced before, but a super hero hip hop version of yourself should be pretty cool looking.  I honestly think that Madlib or other members probably produced the artwork themselves. I really wanted to add a sense of classic realism, and a strong sense of the likeness/superhero feel, but also in a classic vibe. The results are seen above, I am very happy with this piece, and will most definitely send it out to Oxnard. All the challenges and difficulties of including small details to overall impact were achieved in less than 24 hours, I am proud of that. Other works seen are from Stereo-Abstract, Dunn the Signtologist, and Michael Coriano. Special thanks to Dunn for the invite, and Es Nine for hooking the original 12" for display and play for the night. Thanks for taking the time to read if your into that, and to view the work. More tomorrow. 


The Art of Records Final: LootPack v.72

Final painting of the Art of Records piece, little over 24 hours straight, typing is not very appealing right now. Come see the work in person, I will talk about it in another post. 3 figures, five logos, and Comic call box all acrylic by hand, lettering was a 3 color stencil w spraypaint. Thanks for viewing the finish, more tomorrow. 

"Soundpieces: Da Antidote - Attack the Wack v.72"
Acrylic on Board 16" x 16"

(I apologize for the upload problems, should be fixed now.)


The Art of Records: LootPack

Process shots of my work in progress for The Art of Records show curated by Dunn the Signtologist and DJ  LowKey at Family Affair Denver 6pm, you can see all the details of the show on the flyer. I am going to get back to painting as I am typing this with brush in hand. Come to the show tomorrow to see what I am sure will be some really nice flip-ups of classic album covers. I chose the Lootpack Soundpieces: Da Antidote, one of my all time favorite covers and albums, look for the finish tomorrow. 


Daughters Portrait Final

Final progress shots and details of the final. I had so much fun creating this, and pulled out all the tricks I know and learned more than a few new ones to finalize this piece. I did use two new tips that I don't usually try out, a Chicago Skinny and a MicroThin, both shown in the photo above, in addition you can see the other tips I use. Very proud of the finish on this painting, and a special thanks goes to Emily and Menis for the opportunity. Thank you for viewing a work that was a true honor to create. 

"Daughters" Aerosol on Board 36" x 60"