IMT Barrel Heads Underway

The wine barrel tops are coming along nicely. You can see the sample top w lettering in the photo above. The layers are getting cut and ready to paint, look for some progress shots very soon, and the crystallization on some of these gives a really interesting play between painted texture and light reflection.


Character Design 3

Third character concept sketch in the works. This is the second layer from rough thumbnail to ink. I will be continuing to clean this up in preparation for the digital stages.


Monkeyshine Barrel Tops

Color samples for upcoming project for Infinite Monkey Theorem artwork on wine barrel tops. Stay tuned.


ULC Benedict Park Place Showcase

In simultaneous timing with the opening of the DPAAF 2011, I am showing select works at The Urban Land Conservancy for the next month or so in conjunction with the Benedict Park Place grand opening being held on Nov 18th. Thanks so much to Valentina and everyone at ULC for the opportunity, and if you cannot attend the Plein air opening, stop through this location for a variety showcase of my works.


DPAAF 2011 Opening Show Nov. 15th

The 5th Annual Denver Plein Air Arts Fest opens tomorrow on the 7th Floor Gallery at the Denver Public Library. I am honored and excited to have three pieces in this years exhibition. I hope to see you all at the show. Seen above is a plein air piece from outside Estes Park completed in September.

"Fading Light" Oil on Linen 8 x 10


TCH Mural Unveiling

The dates have been announced for the Children's Hospital Mural unveiling in which over 90 works of art were created. Excited to post final photos and shots of the other artworks that were created. Look for show info and final photos soon. Seen above are my submission concepts, and the first image is from the transfer before the kids went to town on it.


Character Design Progress

Ongoing layered process of the character design for brand labels. More to come from this project just around the corner. Stay Tuned.


Wazee Union and Studio 72

Very excited for the new projects and new horizons for 2012 with Wazee Union and Studio 72. Stay tuned for web updates, new website and twitter feeds and more. Thanks for viewing the work.
"Trackside Mantid" Photo by Delton Demarest