So this will be the first post in a little over a month, but it is because I have been busy
with a few different projects. The first is the new Mountain Dew Dew Labs Challenge, put on by Motive and Mountain Dew/Green Label Art which consisted of ten Denver artists customizing boxes with their artwork, the artwork encloses into a box which contains new flavors of Mountain Dew to be voted on by the public. The catch is, the artwork boxes were given to select people via online contest at 12secondsTV, so there are a few happy folks with new creations for their home, (more on this to come) and the chance to vote on their favorite flavor. Not only that but you can see the nice custom handycam these selected few recieved as well. The opening night at Orange Cat Studios was a huge success with a cool setup, taste test booth and a preview of all the artist videos! Many thanks to all the artists, Matt, Chris, Julie, and everyone else at ThinkMotive and Mountain Dew for representing Denver!

Notorious B.I.G. Portrait Process

Nearly finished with the Biggie portrait. Here are the photos from the next session from this piece. Fusing the ink style and executing with aerosol. I am really enjoying the effects of this technique and hope to continue to refine it. The finish soon to come.



Photos taken during Ghostbusters Mural last summer. There is also some cool press on Ghostbuster fanatics sites online.I was contacted by the photographer to notify me that one of these had been chosen for a photography magazine. Incredible photos especially with the StayPuft and the ominous clouds circling. Visit her site and check out the other great work she does. All photos courtesy of Jenna Avriel Rice.



Here is a sneak peak at the new custom boxes I am painting for Mountain Dews new ad campaign and product release. The "box" aspect is a cool idea, being able to house multiple Mountain Dew cans and a video link up, and then fold out to a completed piece of art. More info and photos to come.



Here is some great coverage that the Rude Rec Center mural that was recently completed on Channel 4 News. More good things to come for the mural projects and city involved art programs here in Denver. Click the link below to view the video coverage.



Recently took a trip to the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Co. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great getaway. Built in 1909 by F.O. Stanley, it is home to a lengthy history of innovation, ghost tours, steam automobiles, classic architecture, gondolas, fun world, and much more. I took the time to paint en plein air while I was there and produced this watercolor on board, titled Early Morning Stanley, 6" x 6".


Final image of the mural installation at the Guerilla Garden Studios. The grand opening was a live look at the variety and talent that Denver has to offer. More photos to come of the opening, as well as the pricelisting for the pieces that are available for sale. Look for more soon.