So this will be the first post in a little over a month, but it is because I have been busy
with a few different projects. The first is the new Mountain Dew Dew Labs Challenge, put on by Motive and Mountain Dew/Green Label Art which consisted of ten Denver artists customizing boxes with their artwork, the artwork encloses into a box which contains new flavors of Mountain Dew to be voted on by the public. The catch is, the artwork boxes were given to select people via online contest at 12secondsTV, so there are a few happy folks with new creations for their home, (more on this to come) and the chance to vote on their favorite flavor. Not only that but you can see the nice custom handycam these selected few recieved as well. The opening night at Orange Cat Studios was a huge success with a cool setup, taste test booth and a preview of all the artist videos! Many thanks to all the artists, Matt, Chris, Julie, and everyone else at ThinkMotive and Mountain Dew for representing Denver!

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