Imagine Project Unveiling October 1st

On October 1st, nearly two years of love, passion, and artistic dedication was unveiled at the Federal Custom House located on 20th and Stout in Downtown Denver. I will let the photos and press tell the story, but the real narrative is created by you, the viewer, the public. I encourage you to take a trip by this installation piece, whether it be day or night to experience this masterpiece by none other than Darrell Anderson. Words cannot express what an honor and truly enlightening experience this was to apprentice under such an amazing artist.
News and Press Coverage: Federal Art Project 7News, Customs Project 2010, GSA Video
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59' Cadillac Process and Install

Full process of the 59' Cadillac convertible painting and install for 3014. Shown are the beginning stages from line drawing, to block in, and finally the detailing and installation. I will let the images tell the rest of the story, and the piece really is at home at 3014, so for the lack of definition that the computer will allow, take some time and visit 3014, formerly Sengers on the Fax, new home of The Solution w DJ Low Key and Sound Supreme, and take in the 16 foot canvas with the sleek Cadillac that adorns the wall.
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Botto Italian Genoa Seascape

The process takes us from initial ink drawing to painting on wall, it took about 8 days, with the final painting time being about 6 hours. I painted the block in directly on the wall using a transparency of my ink drawing on the projector. Slowly began building up tone and definition with painterly line, mark making, and dry brushing. The final step was an overall oil glaze and a rag pull-out, removing the glaze layer with a rag to create the brightest tones in the picture. This mural was completed in late September. More from this location very soon.


Constructive Destruction Study

"Constructive Destruction Study", Oil, 6"x8", I created this study as a preparatory device to ensure that the limited palette I had planned to use for the final piece was going to work accurately. I attempted ways to manipulate the atmosphere and foreground to indicate dust and demolition. Will post final painting when all the judges decisions are in for the exhibition.


Etch-Cut Portraits Final

Been a long time coming, but here are the final images of the "Etch-Cut" aerosol pieces that were originally shown at my solo show at UNC this spring.
Two remain for sale, but both the female portraits have sold. Send me an email for pricing info.
Also an interesting side note, the fourth portrait from the set, which was painted live has been entered into a label contest....more info on that soon. Prints and stickers available, shoot me your mailing info and I will send some stickers.
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Urban Youth Camp Update

Recently received final shots of the paintings I completed for the Urban Youth Camp amongst the mountain setting. Nice to see the pieces on their treebark scrolls, and cool to see them in sunlight. They turned out nicely with both paintings coming mainly from imagination, with a hint of basic reference here and there. I didn't get full shots before they were transported to Bailey and good to finally be able to post them. Thanks to Scott, Kris, and everyone else involved.

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New Concepts continued...

Later stages of an upcoming project, ink on vellum. Still whittling down which of these will end up being the final, a fully rendered black and white image, utilizing the etching technique.


200th post: Governors Mansion Paint Out

Process photo from the Governors Mansion paint out in September. I am steadily catching up on project posts, many more to come.
Always a pleasure to set up at the Governors Mansion located on 8th and Logan, especially since you rarely get to see the full site from the road. I was excited to set up and tackle the challenge of the fountain sculpture located at the center of the main garden. This shot was taken about 3 hours into the four hour time limit. Final images still to come.

59 El Dorado Cadillac Biarritz Convertible

Beginning stages of a '59 Cadillac El Dorado Biarritz Convertible painting process. 5 hours of work shown here, I completely the majority of the block in with aerosol and acrylic. The next steps were to continue laying opaque acrylic and to construct the framing for a 16' x 5' canvas. More photos and the final install soon to come. I have always been a huge fan of Chip Foose and many other masters of the automotive design, and this project not only tested my ability to create realistic effects and control that they achieve with ease, but on a grand scale. I dont know that I would ever be able to pay homage to a vehicle the way that Foose or many others do, but I am putting my metal heart and soul into the piece and enjoying the progress thus far. Project began in September and is now completed, final photos to come.

Denver Plein Air 13th Ave Paint Out

On-location shots from the 13th Ave paint out held for the Plein Air Competition. The set up I chose was a study in late afternoon shadows and atmospheric perspective through a tight enclosure, such as an alley way. I also had the pleasure of hanging out with Lloyd, a houseless member of the Denver community who insisted that I place some pigeons in the painting, unfortunately I did not incorporate his ideas into the picture, but it was an experience nonetheless. I will be using Lloyd as a model for some illustration work coming up, he was such a great personality, maybe the Wild Turkey 101 had something to do with it. More process, and info to come on the festival and final exhibition in November.


St. Mary's Glacier Watercolor

This plein air study managed to avoid detection, created in June, I had taken a quik trip up to the hills for a weekend getaway and had set up to capture the setting sun glinting off the top of the glacier. The study was about a 30 minute process as the sun quickly fell behind the mountains. I will be using this study for a larger piece, and possibly for some illustration work.
"Glint on the Glacier" ,Watercolor, 3" x 4"

Denver Plein Air Festival 2010

Some shots of the brand new Guerilla Painter "French Resistance" plein air easel and tripod. I was blessed to use this for the DPAF2010 this year and it is a great piece to add to the tool set, lightweight, one snap breakaway and has good storage. Highly recommend plein air painters to check these out. Thanks to the good folks at Masters International and Guerilla Painter for the help. I am still adapting to it but I could surely benefit from the many add-ons it has available. Self-timer shots from the Denver Art Museum Sculpture Deck paint-out. More on location shots and paintings soon.

UNC Sweet Spot Update

A quick photo update, some great detail shots of the Dinger Jr. Sculpture from the UNC Sweet Spot show highlighting used Colorado Rockies baseballs as the foundation for the artwork.

The Sharpest Rides One Day Process

As mentioned in earlier posts, the murals at the Sharpest Rides are steadily progressing. This mural was completed at the beginning of August. Here are some process photos of the one day project on the interior of the mechanics shop. The entire process took 9 hours, with a few hours to layer the sketch and refine it. Final photographs to come. Also more murals to come from TSR.