Render Me Stupid Opening Night

The following images are from the initial install, and opening night of my solo exhibition at UNC's Mariani Gallery, "Render Me Stupid". First and foremost a special endearing thanks to Joan Shannon Miller for the invite and all of her hardwork to make sure that this show was a success. Also a special thanks to Sara Heimbecker for including me in her class, and having me speak to her students, what a great honor. I also have to thank Andrew, the dean of the visual arts department for involving me in the Voices of America, all the students who helped with the install, Joe, Mike, Erika, Sam, Priscilles, Rhonda (hope I spelled your names right), including the students from the Creativity in the Arts class, for your questions and participation in the show. This was the largest undertaking I have been a part of to date, let alone at the university level. It was a great inspiration to be a part of the academic life of these very talented students, and a driving motivation for me to continue creating illustration in our modern society. I am looking forward to another demonstration, possibly after UNC's spring break, since I had two demonstrations planned, and the latter wasnt made possible due to time constraints. The images above of the Cowboy Croc, a mock-up sculpture to be utilized as a model to paint from was this second demo's basis. I will be posting more photos from the opening night as I recieve them from other sources, students, and faculty that were present. If there was anyone I forgot, it was not a conscious decision , I thank you all for the conversation, debate, and welcoming environment I was recieved with. Look for more info soon, and remember to grab a poster, cd, or piece of art from the show, it will be running until April 2nd.
Here is an article from the UNC Mirror that describes more about the show, and the students reactions, click the link- UNC MIRROR.

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