SWEET SPOT ~ UNC Mariani Gallery

As mentioned before, the Colorado Rockies themed show at UNC's Mariani Gallery in July is going to be a good one. The donated baseballs are being customized by multiple artists, and here is my concept and contribution to this auction show and benefit. I created thumbnails and concepts of a Baby Dinger, a junior version of the Rockies Mascot. In an effort to reinforce the principles I demonstrated at my solo show at UNC in March, I sculpted the final using Sculpey, acrylic, and adhered the final sculpture into the baseball. This created the hatch effect I imagined in my sketches. From this stage I utilized my reference photos and sketches to create the final painting for the second portion of the show, a Juried exhibition featuring Rockies inspired art of all kinds.

This painting is 30" x 40" , completed with aerosol. The sculpture was returned to the UNC Gallery early, so more detailed and 360 view photographs coming soon. The show is scheduled for July 8, I will post flyers and more info soon.

Urban Youth Camp ~ Bailey, Co

Recently completed two large scale paintings for Urban Youth Camp, based on bringing a slice of the aerosol kingdom to the mountains of Colorado, to inspire city and suburban youth in their adventures and activities held at Deer Creek Christian Camp in Bailey, Colorado.
There were some basic ideas that I had to work with, and I pushed the boundaries of the concept and realism, final photos of the pieces hanging at camp coming soon, and take a look at the Urban Youth website for more information regarding the organization and their amazing institution. Special thanks to Kris and Scott, you are great leaders to the youth.
These paintings are 6' x 9', completed with aerosol. Utilized about 60 colors for the completion of both pieces.

GBS Sunset Timelapse courtesy of Seetwist

A short timelapse piece concocted by the always fresh Seetwist Productions. This was from the final day of details for the underwater soccer scene I completed for the South Broadway GB's Fish N Chips. Really fresh timelapse with the first mural of the Stones and Zeppelin in background, and you can see the lightrail and coal lines running by on the tracks west of Broadway, and of course what a majestic sunset. Check out more of Seetwists work by clicking the link above. Still getting final photographs together from this project so look for the panoramas and full seamed versions soon.

Brothers BBQ Mural

Final photographs of the new patio mural I completed for family owned and Colorado grown, Brothers BBQ. This mural was completed for the Capitol Hill location, and the results are a seamless integration to the existing decor. All the colors chosen were based on existing Brothers BBQ logo colors, and palettes. Special thanks to Alex at GBS, Chris, Nick, Curtis, Miles, Dee, and all the other BBQ Brothers, great workin with you. Stop in for their Thursday night patio parties, dirt cheap ribs and beer for your pleasure.

Law Week Spotlight

Recent cover image and article in Law Week Colorado featuring Darrell Anderson and myself about the ongoing mural project at the Federal Customs House in downtown Denver. Go grab a copy and find out more about the federal art programs. Thanks to Jamie for the interview and photography.


Imagine Mural Project Progress

In the midst of all these personal commissions, gallery shows, and murals, Darrell Anderson and I have been jamming on the federal customs house exterior mural. The painting portion of this project is nearing completion, and the final steps of the metal installation, sound install, and LED lighting install are soon to come. Also stay tuned for more info in our participation and interraction with the Colorado Rockies to create art for their themed show in July! Here are some progress shots of the mural in progress.

GBS Fish n Chips Mural 2

I have finished up GBs Fish n Chips on South Broadway and here are the final images of the main mural, and progress shots of the adjacent mural. The second underwater soccer scene is finished but the final photographs and seaming are still in the works. Final shots coming soon, in the meantime go by the location and congratulate Alex and his wife on their new triplets! and of course eat some bangers and mash, or fish and chips, since everything on the menu is Englands finest right here in Denver!

New Mural Concept- Brothers BBQ

Here is the concept going up on the Cap Hill Brothers BBQ location, from this concept sheet it is the first sketch. So come by gorge yourself on brisket, ribs, and some beer and take in the giant smoker mural in progress.

Virgin Mary and La Muerte/Helldorados

Here are the paintings that I submitted for two group shows this weekend, the first at Rebellion featuring numerous local artists and curated by Karma Leigh. The second at La Muerte and Helldorados car shop also curated by Karma Leigh for the shop owner Eli "Cinco". Both shows were a success and should promise more great shows for the future.

Solar Pieta, aerosol on canvas - 10 x 15

Scarlet Chola, aerosol on canvas - 18 x 24


So the dates have come and gone, but the benefit event for one of San Antonios premiere graff writers was a great success. Good money raised and the posters and paintings I sent down were a contribution as well. Here are the two paintings I submitted for the show:
Screw Rest in Purp: Aerosol on canvas 18 x 24
Pimp C Heavenly Grillz: Aerosol on canvas 18 x 24