Afro Predator Skateboard Final

for the 303/Indy Ink Artist Edition skateboards, and one of my favorite projects for the year. Set for release in November, I want to let the work stand for itself on this one and I will talk about the concept in a later post. One of my favorite characters now on a skatedeck, score! Thanks to Dan Castillo on the digital help, and thanks to everyone for stopping in to view the work. Click the link above to check the 303/CLFX site.

"Afro Predator" Ink/Digital  


Air Cavalry Process

includes a GIF of the oil painting process from sketch to opaque layers. This piece was in process during the OTMAM show at Leon and I had intentions of displaying it earlier but I got caught up with other projects. This piece was inspired by past color studies and some plein air studies on location, which I previewed in earlier posts. I may also be watching Apocalypse Now a little too much as the "Air Cavalry" concept came to me during the drawing stages, in which I had the character and creature more grounded. I worked up a small maquette for the creature and you can see a small preview of that in the final photo. This always help to keep lighting accurate and more importantly to think about the form and structure of the imagined creature. I will be adding some more glaze layers to this work before it is finalized, and I hope to post that soon. A shout out to Dan Castillo for showing me help with GIF files, and I hope to do some more of these for process purposes. Thanks for taking the time to stop in, more info in later posts. 


8Bit Hellboy Final

for the 2nd installment of the 8Bit art show hosted by OptWon and the 1up at Family Affair Denver. First and foremost I have to thank KarmaLeigh for the help with this piece, for the process photos, and for helping push through on a late night deadline in which I wasn't sure I would make it. With that said, I am really happy with the finish on this piece and on the NES unit, there are some blowout mistakes on the NES console, but the main painting made up for that. The additional photos are mobile collages with some process, some working shots of the studio in paintmode, and the final piece as it was displayed at Family Affair. Prints are available for this piece, and the full display is for sale. I fall more in love with this technique and the process the more of them I complete, so look for more 8Bit fun in the near future. 

"8Bit Red" Spraypaint on routed Aluminum 


8Bit Hellboy WIP

and a sneak preview for the upcoming show on Saturday. Look for more on the final painting and setup as the week comes to a close and the 2nd 8Bit show gets underway this Saturday. The process is pencil worked over the silhouette shape, then honing down details, next is the color study layered on top using colored pencil. Haven't done this step in the last three paintings and I think it will help in the final. I don't care what anybody says, having a lot of fun with an 8bit Hellboy homage. Real hyped to get some spraypaint layers on here. Thanks for stopping in to view the progress. 


Posse Saloon Signage

was the final touch to yesterday's Indy Ink Posse final, including the matching 3 Color separation. I have been working on ways to enhance the depth and overall effect of my apparel graphics and with the help of our in house magician Dan Castillo, I think we are getting great results. I completed the separation on this piece myself, and only with Dan's tutelage would I have been able to do so. The saloon sign with some style was a necessity for my vision of a Wild West graphic, and I am hyped to see the final product. Always a pleasure to work with Indy Ink and an honor to see your artwork go to print, look for more posts soon. Thanks and salutations for stopping by. 

Indy Ink Posse

final graphic and color separation is complete. I have included the sample sheets, final ink on vellum, and palette studies to see how the color variations will play out. There is a second section to this graphic that I will share in a future post. Overall really pleased with the finish on this ink illustration and digital coloring. Also, the Afro Predator skateboard is complete and I will preview that soon, have to keep you waiting on that one. I  had to post this final first because it is another nice echo to the Afro Predator shirt for Indy, and as I said in previous posts, get on the horn and call Indy and 303 for pre-order information as we quickly approach the winter seasons. Very pleased to share this with you and can't wait to see it in print. Thanks for stopping in and I promise I won't have such a lapse on posts this coming week.