Buffalo Bill Grave Plein Air w 30mph winds

is not exactly the ideal weather for producing plein air work. Karma Leigh and I went for a painting session despite these obstacles, and managed to produce. The wind throws dust, rocks, sand, and anything else in to your eyes, palette, and of course the painting. It also likes to play topple games with your easel, no matter how sturdy, or how many giant rocks you put in your stone bag. For this reason you can see that I got zero progress shots because to step back from the piece to shoot it meant risking it toppling over the mountain edge(which you can see was within inches). The only onsite photo I have to provide is once I had locked the painting to the easel, and even laying it against the rope it was teetering with wind gusts. It also meant that the working time was greatly shortened, and that once the painting is dry you have to scrape the mountain dust out of the dried oils.
 My goals for this piece were two-fold, to mix on location a palette of lofty atmosphere, and to create a finish piece that acts as a study. A current painting I am working on contains background elements that indicate long distances and atmosphere. I worked the piece when I arrived back at the studio from memory and the final palette I had worked on location. Quite please with this piece, and the help it will add to the illustration WIP. Thanks for stopping in, look for more posts soon.

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