Mic Cicada @ Leon

is a preview and progress post since I have been away for a few. This piece was in the plans for sometime and I am psyched to preview it here, but you have to come to Leon and see the originals and all the other amazing work that will be unveiled tomorrow starting at 7pm. 
This painting is the third in aerosol for the Leon show, and it was executed in the same fashion as the prior two, beginning with a light and shadow pattern over a toned ground, then applying opaque color and glazes over the top. Really enjoy the finish and mood of this piece, more of a melancholy piece to accompany the other more macabre works. I also feel it rounds out the works, and I have another to unveil in tomorrows post! I used another of my close up shots from the insect reference files, just love this specimen and how it translated to the final painting. I really hope to see you all at the show tomorrow, and I will also have small prints available of all the new works for "Of the Melancholy and of the Macabre". Info and address are listed on the flyer, look for more tomorrow and come to the show! Thanks for stopping in!

"Mic Cicada" Aerosol on board, 20" x 33.25"

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