New Graphic Finalized

New graphic that is a combination of ink and pencil, been having some fun with different seperation techniques for apparel and prints, look for this one printed soon.


Concept Sketch process

Process sketch with a few more layers added, remains in the works, more to come on this project and the lettering that I am creating to accompany it.


The Sharpest Rides Latest Addition

Quick update from The Sharpest Rides, new interior service bay mural now up, with more paint on walls to come. Concept sketch is done in pencil, and colored pencil.


Sloth sketches

Another drawing from the observation sketches, never had I seen the sloth come down out of the treetops, let alone to get some food, but this was a great opportunity to work with such a dynamic design of an animal.


Sketchbook post

Sketchbook drawings from some time ago, aimed to focus on some animals that are much more difficult to capture because their movements are irradic.


A.V.I.U.S. For Better or Worse Cover Art

For some time I have been working on the cover art for A.v.i.u.s.'s new album, "For Better or Worse". This project is such a great concept and theme, simply trying to stay steady focused on the deadline. The painted cover is coming along nicely, I will post progress and the final soon.

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