A.V.I.U.S. FBOW Digital

With the signing of Prime Element to Kamikazi Airlines, the group has been going through some major visual changes and revamps. One of which is a project that has been in the works for some time, Prime Elements Emcee A.v.i.u.s.'s sophomore effort entitled "For Better or Worse" which I had the honor of creating the album artwork for. During the course of the release of this album as well as the digital downloads I was asked to create a digital placeholder of sorts to put online. Knowing full well that we would be producing a painted cover of this image, I dove right in and completed this digital version utilizing my line drawings and Photoshop. With a tight deadline for the online release I didnt have an eternity to knit pic, but overall I am pleased with the product, and think it will only make for a great collectible once the final cover is completed.....it is in the works, more on that soon.

For more info on Prime Element, A.v.i.u.s., and Kamikazi Airlines click the names for links

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