Brothers BBQ Final Sendhome size

Above is the final send home layout which I am proud to finally post and display. The layout and flow was changed a few different directions once every piece was digitized and ready for color and text manipulation. Each Homeslab that is purchased from a local Brother BBQ will receive a letter size printout of this illustrated D.I.Y. instructions to grill and sauce your very own Homeslabs. In addition, the large store display signs are 24" x 36" and show off a great deal of the time and details that tell the story of the adventures of the Homeslab Bros. I am having in store product shots and some other great extras and more info in a later post.

While you wait for those shots make your way to a Brothers BBQ and get some great food, and let me know what you think of the displays in stores. Thanks for stopping by.

Click to enlarge, Viewed better at screen size

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