3014 and Odelay Tacos Fusion Mural

Some basic prep, process, and completed photos from a new mural located on the exterior of 3014 and the new fusion to the locale, Odelay Tacos. The classic Cadillac Mural is still in place, there is just a new decor to surround it, as well as some tasty tacos. The mural was basic black and white, but for anyone that underestimates the difficulty of two tone painting, beware, it can become a nightmare quickly without care and precision with what you are painting. The base is Rustoleum Black, and the entire painting is created with three diff kinds of white Montana Gold, All City White,Kilz White(Majority) and Rustoleum black for all clean up and edging. Great challenge, not for the in experienced. No stencils, friskets or any of that jargon, just hand painting and do it right or don't do it at all.

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