K2 Design the Modern Board Competition

I recently completed my design for DWR's Third Annual Design the Modern Board 09 Competition sponsored by K2 Snowboards, and SOS Outreach. The piece was inspired by spring, family memories and hood ornaments, completed with ink and pencil drawings and Illustrator CS3. Friends and fellow artists Karma Leigh and Derek Barnes will also have pieces on display so come drop a hello and a vote. The judging will be done by attendees of the event so I hope to see you there enjoying the DWR Denver Studio.




Live painting performed during 3THW Cd release party on 2.28
The painting was finished at home in the studio.
It was an honor to paint on stage with
The Likwit Junkies, comprised of
world famous
DJ Babu and Defari. I will be sending the painting to LA
in April, and there are stickers in the works as well. Send me a word
or letter and I will send you some. Along with a special thanks to
A.V.I.U.S.,Es Nine, and DJ Cysko Rokwel for the gracious opportunity.


Ascension @ Rebels Tattoo - PUEBLO, CO

In October 08, I had the great opportunity to paint a guadalupe inspired by the ascension in my friend Dave Roque's new tattoo shop located in Pueblo, Co. The shop is called Rebels 'Til Death Tattoo and is located off of 4th and Abriendo so check them out and get some work done.



I had the honor and blessing of painting a portrait of Corky Gonzales for the 2009 symposium in memoriam of the 1969 Crusade for Justice. This annual symposium celebrates the life and struggle of all Chicano men and women during the Westside Blowout, and commemorates the constant spark of cultural community justice, and the history and legacy of the 1st Chicano Youth Liberation Conference. My gratitude to G.R.A.S.P. for the wonderful opportunity.


Limited Edition of 12
Three remaining for sale
more info to come....



I just finished working with '3 the Hard Way' on the album design for their debut, SET IN STONE. I was asked to paint live at the release party on February 28th which was hosted by Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples. Dj Babu and Defari were in the house along with Diamond Boiz, and Maneline. Also in the building was Mike Williams, animator and creator of the 3THW Animation. Matt Novak came through and took amazing photos of the evening! (more of that to come) Here is the SET IN STONE Album cover and portraits used for the layout design, it began as a live painting at the D-Note featuring Braille, below are the covers I completed for Maneline~& Sew It Seams, Ichiban~Psycle Analysis, The Pirate Signal~Of Gods and Gangsters Vol.1, and Atmosphere~Sad Clown Bad Spring 12.


Insight ~ Illustrations

For the last few months I have been working with Denver's newest publication Insight. This is the illustration for the cover of the February issue, concerning Healthcare. PDF's available for download on the Insight website. You can check them out at http://www.denverinsight.com/
Interior spot illustration accompanying the article.

January cover illustration ~ Houseless not Homeless

Spot illustrations accompanying the article.

Spot illustrations for additional articles below.

December cover illustration ~ Denver's History of Homosexuality

Interior spot illustration

November cover illustration ~ Fermenting Change

Full page interior illustration