Commission in progress

and all in pencil! This undertaking involves a roughly 6' x 4' graphite rendering. Here are some teaser images of the process and the initial block in stages, working with light values. I am excited and a little tentative as I get to adding more tonal variation to the work, but confident I can make it all come together. Look for more posts on this panel and images of the entire figure as it unfolds. Thanks for stopping by to view the work. 


On Deck 9!

is coming this May 2nd at the Brink Gallery in Missoula, Mt. Look for more on this show and what I hope will be another great deck for the show! Click the links below for more info on past shows from On Deck and the Montana Skate Park Association. Thanks for stopping in!


Mischievous Monkey

for a new flavor label featuring a local joe shop you may recognize.......in collaboration with our pals from Nuggs Ice cream. Look for more sketches on this label as I have a few more rounds in the works so keep an eye out. Thanks for stopping in. 


New Illustrations up and in print


Alternate Mural concept, photoshop 

that I am pleased to post. You can take a look at the character bios and Facebook page by clicking the links. Multiple illustrations for multiple purposes, all created with strict timelines. I had the pleasure of creating this character named Monty while working in collaboration with Soapoint graphics and Strainwise. The first round of illustrations were created for the sole purpose of snowboard graphics and to create a variety of looks. From those initial roughs we honed down the finals to the two full length graphics that were sent to print. Currently there is an online snowboard giveaway from Strainwise with the Monty "business" and "party" art exclusively through Notice Snowboards, located in Montana. 
The full poster image of Monty derived from a concept about "the most interesting Giraffe in the world" and how that would play out as a full color illustration. I wish I had more of the initial concepts and roughs from these but they are in the archives at the graphics shop. This illustration is the introductory image for Monty on the Strainwise site and the Monty Kushman FB page. Visit the sites to see the illustrations there. 
 So without further ado, I am excited to show these illustrations and look for more posts on the recent mural I completed of Monty at Hermans Hideway . More to come from Strainwise, Soapoint and myself in the near future, stay tuned! Thanks for taking the time to view the work. 


"Dough-stBusters 1"

was not meant to be revealed so soon as a part of the "GhettDough" series, but with today's sad news of Harold Ramis passing.....I thought it was necessary to finish this concept and post it for all of us who grew up on the cult classics he wrote or co-wrote, and to send a fond farewell, rest in (ecto)plasm to a hilarious and highly acclaimed actor and writer. Look for more on this series in future posts, and thanks for stopping in. Please share and spread the love if you feel fit, thanks again Blogger. 


Charcoal Challenge rolls on

with Joey Bada$$, the acclaimed emcee from Brooklyn, Ny. I was put on to his music some time ago and it is a thrill to hear someone so young embody the sound and style of eras long gone. His use of jazz and mellowed out sound brings me back to a time when I was young and falling in love with hip hop music. For this reason, and many others, he has been on the list to get a caricature worked up. This charcoal rendering was about 1.5-2 hours, and in many instances I am not going for every detail of the portrait, but rather a likeness and "feel" for the persona they embody. Really enjoy the look of the finish on this one, skill over swag all day! Thanks for stopping in to view the work, and look for more posts soon.  


New Cover Project

in the works. Here is a series of initial thumbnails and sketches. The ideas are flowing and forming into the final concept, and I am seeing color in anticipation of the final painting. Look for more on this piece as I begin more layout and value studies, in addition to color comps. The concept for this album is a difficult one but I think the sketches are encompassing the feel of the album thus far. Thanks for stopping in and look for more posts soon, finishing up a few big murals! 



is the first in a new series of characters I am developing.....this is too much fun. Stay tuned Blogger I think you will enjoy these thematic posts. Thanks for stopping in to view the work. 


Cookie Dough

flavored ice cream, a worldwide favorite, and the Nuggs variation surely will keep you craving more. Things are ramping up with more flavors being created and prepped for digital work. These are a blast to work through and conceptualize. From letter choices, to vintage layouts and character design, this project offers a plethora of challenges and fun creative problem solving. Look for more progress and this and the other labels I have posted about previously. Thanks for stopping in to view the work and share in the progress for Nuggs Ice cream.  


The Final Five

of my submissions for the Blown Covers contest some time back. These works were all created in less than 24 hours for the most part, from thumbnails to rough, line drawing and watercolor. Every weeks contest offered some great concepts to compete against and these four topics were a great challenge. Take a trip to the link to view the contest archive. 
I have been organizing a good deal of files in preparation for web updates, new promo and portfolio adjustments, and overall pre-spring cleaning. This was a fun little condensing of the "Final 5" submissions from the contest that I was ambitious enough to get paint on. Look for more posts about a number of exciting projects, murals, and more in the near future. Thanks for taking a chance to view these cover concepts. 


2013 Colorado Plein Air People's Choice Award

was bestowed upon me this year and what an honor! I have been participating in the Colorado Plein Air Festival for six years now, and the great people I have met, places I have seen, and locations I have had the opportunity to capture just amazes me! I cannot say enough about the organization, and the importance of working from observation to hone your skills, no matter what field you have a career in. I was unaware that this award had been granted to me and my painting "View from the clock tower". This painting was created alla prima during the 3 hour "paint-out" held at the historic D & F Clock tower in downtown Denver. 
This location is one that should not be missed, "in the heart of Denver, this venue features five unique floors connected by staircases. Two of the floors offer wraparound balconies (where we set up to paint) offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountains." Excerpt from Clock tower Events, check the website for more info. 
The two awards that I received this year from CPAF are an honor and a privilege to have gained, and a great inspiration as I continue to learn and grow as a fine artist. I want to sincerely thank Chris Serr for her ongoing support and hard work, all the judges and most of all the show attendees for your votes! I am stunned by this outpouring from this years show. Please take the time to visit the links, view the award winners and look into the organizations and events that are held through CPAF and its subsidiaries. Thank you for stopping in to view the work and share in this award with me! Look for more posts soon. 


M & M

flavored ice cream! That's right another flavor in the works for Nuggs Ice Cream. This concept stems from the number of characters in the M & M family, and adding the Colorado Mountain M & M to that lineage. The layout and lettering are drawn by hand and will be colorized digitally. These flavor labels are coming along nicely, and I am excited to share more of the progress as it is completed. Look for more posts on different flavors and other aspects of the design package soon! Thanks for stopping in to view the work. 

Rum Raisin

      label sketches and layout concepts for Nuggs Ice Cream. This flavor is too much fun to draw out, I had to create a shriveled dagger wielding pirate for the incredible flavor of Rum Raisin. All the lettering and layout is hand drawn. The next step is to work on the character design and placement, you can see my notes for adjustments. I have yet to finalize any of the raisin pirate so you will most likely see the character change and evolve. Look for progress from the incredibly enjoyable and mouth watering Nuggs label designs in future posts. Thanks for stopping in to view the work. 


New Projects and Approach

for murals in the works. This concept is comprised mostly of floral and organic elements to create a larger figure. Experimental but also fun in the challenge of minimizing elements yet still achieve an overall flow and feel to the figure. Look for more on this concept and a number of others that will accompany this female rendering. Thanks for stopping in, more posts soon.