On Deck 7 from Missoula Montana

at Brink Gallery is featuring the artwork of our wonderful friend and fellow Studio 72 artist Karma Leigh. Karma and I made the long and beautiful trip to Missoula, and I am posting this from the hotel in Montana. Karma diligently and strenuously worked on this deck to have it complete and ready to mail to Big Sky Country. You can see from the detail shots and other photos that she put a great deal of time into preparing the board in which the figure is painted on, and then adhered it to the larger skate deck to create the topographical effect. The figure was painted in acrylic, and the added details are found shoelaces to complete the aesthetic.  The artwork is to be auctioned to and proceeds are to support the Montana Skatepark Association. You can find more info about the organization at the link below. If you are in Missoula hope to see you there, and I will post some event shots and more from Missoula in the next few posts. Thanks for road trippin with us. 


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