IronMan Watercolor

is another miniature painting that you can see on display at Second Saturday Open Studios this weekend, May 12th. As Avengers hit theatres this week and my all time favorite of the bunch( well Hulk runs a close second) is on the big screen again, I had to endeavor to create a painting of our friend Tony Stark. The IronMonkey work and a few others, are also a theme that I have been working before I undertook the normal Ironman. These are very small, and still given a great amount of attention for miniaturized watercolor. I have also included some shots of the working area, and the palette where you can see my threshold tests of value/wash strength before I lay down the color. Look for more on personal works for sale and on display for Second Saturday, and more on client work tomorrow. Thanks for stopping through. 

"IronMan" 2" x 3" Watercolor on Board

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