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in an old English style font, was the basis for this project. A community mural had been de-faced and needed some new paint layers added to it to make it like new again. I have posted about many community murals and projects in the past, and along with these posts there have been a few discussions concerning the need for mural refurbishing. My saturday was filled with exactly this kind of painting. In the West Denver area there is a large amount of graffiti, and gang-graffiiti that finds its way not only to peoples homes and property, but also to the existing murals that surround the area. This particular mural is located on Kentucky and Irving, and is prone to heavy graffiti, despite that it was created by a local graffiti artist, and fixed once already by another local artist. You can see the tags and the line through that was my job to clean up with these letters. 
I began by sketching a few different letter sets, using multiply Old English alphabets as reference. You can see these sketches above, once that is on place it is a matter of re-sizing and placement on the fly to repaint the sketch to fit the existing artwork accordingly. You can see the fill-in, and the next steps to ensure leaving the majority of the existing mural image, and to keep as much of it intact as possible, while painting over it with large-scale letters. No easy task, but one that I am very comfortable with and experienced with handling. The final photos are the sequential steps from outline, to background color, to highlights and finish. This turned out well, and fits very nicely with the existing mural art. A total of about 6 hours working time from initial sketch to final. Special thanks to Johnny at Grasp for the phone call, glad to have helped clean up this section. Thanks for stopping in to view a community mural revamp. 

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