Posse Gunslinger

pencil final for the upcoming Indy "Posse" graphic which I have posted about in the past. This post is more focused on the working of this drawing and certain things that I love to do in order to get the sketch to work. The first thing you will notice is that I have posted the original pencil, and the flip of the image. The reason for this is to show that the image reads differently when flipped, and the other reason is that it will show off flaws in the drawing process when you reverse it in the working stages. 
As I work through the drawing I am constantly flipping the sheet of vellum on the light table to ensure that the image reads strongly, both regular and in reverse. It also helps me to check mistakes and flaws as they arrive, versus realizing there are many flaws when the drawing is near completion. I also do this because our brains get lazy when looking at something for too long, so by reversing the image the receptors in the eyes and brain are re-engaged by a new image and will key on certain details, shapes, or overall flow that may have been overlooked when working on the image for a length of time. 
This particular sketch applies to many of these ideas, notice the lift of the leg is more obvious and the movement of the gesture to draw the pistol is more animated in the flipped version showcasing the gunslingers action. Another reason it may read better is that in flip his first draw will be with the right hand. I don't or wouldn't notice these subtleties if I was not looking to check the accuracy of the drawing in reverse. I am excited to see this character take form as he is the main figure of the "Posse" grouping and is somewhat of an anchor for the entire graphic. Look for more as I finalize this piece in ink, and here are a shot or two of the past working process as well. Thanks for stopping in.

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