PIMP C Christmas in Germany

Yesterday I sent a giclee to a great client in Germany, and since it is only a few hours away from Christmas, a Happy Holiday Pimp C post from myself to everyone in the Blogger world. Giclee is 20 x 28, and is en route to Deutschland on Santas sleigh. Giclee was printed by Ray Snyder, who has some great holiday sales on giclees, so give him a shout. Ray Snyder Fine Art

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iVita Mural Timelapse

Here is the short time lapse photo montage video of the iVita Mural created by Seetwist Productions. This was a different approach then we usually aim to create, and I am psyched with the final video, leaves a bit more to the imagination than seeing every step. Also stop by the Broken Bread Arts youtube channel for more artwork videos and of course give iVita Wellness a visit for all your medicinal needs.


iVita Mural Process and Final

In a previous post was the work in progress of the iVita mural. In this post will be some finished photos, and process sketches. The sketches are from the model, Paige, and the line drawing created from the observation sketches. This was the only reference I used to complete the mural, no photos, just the drawing and the stored knowledge from the two hour drawing session from observation. I also created many small maquettes of butterflies, using bright colored fabric, plastic tubing, and cotton swabs. More on that in a future post.
The timelapse video I will post tomorrow, and more info about new projects and paintings involving iVita. Special thanks to Seetwist Productions for the time and effort for the timelapse and final photographs.


Skulls in many stages

Process sketches and changes to an upcoming project. The basic skull was the starting point, I then wanted to make the skull more intense, with a more dynamic feel to the screaming expression. The later stages are from rough sketch, to vector. This particular project requires a great deal of digital work, and I always look to have the digital work lend itself to the drawing, in this case I believe it is working thus far. I have to finalize the vector version, the image we see here is the beginning stages of building color shapes in Illustrator. Final coming soon.

Layers and Layers

A few more layers added to the Dragon Boat images, slowly but patiently bringing out details and more tonal variation. Also focusing more on the overall silhouette of the images and the play between light and dark, as I will be utilizing these contrast tools to create a more impactful image in limited tones, thinking about screenprinting. Stay tuned for more.


Thumbnails and Value Studies

Quick thumbnail sketches and a rough value study of an upcoming concept for Indy Ink. I will be conducting a few more of these as I aim to get this image inked and ready for more detail and refining, final destination.......apparel. Look for more layers and line drawing soon. Graphite on paper, graphite on tracing paper.


Drawing from Observation

I always enforce the ideas of drawing from life, and have been putting in a good amount of time drawing from observation at the Zoo. Here are some of many pages being scratched upon during these sessions. I will be posting about drawing from observation more often, and the benefits of these multitudes of sketches in creating from imagination. All poses no more than 5 minutes.... Ink and Charcoal.

Observation Drawing: Body Worlds

Abend 20th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show

Above is a select group of paintings being shown at Abend Gallery's 20th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show, always a blessing and great opportunity to show with some of the most prominent and prestigious fine artists this side of the Mississippi. I am potentially scheduled for a demo at Abend here in the near future, honing down dates and I will keep you posted.

Online Preview: 20th Annual Miniature Preview
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Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying oil colours

Recent study using the Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil issued by Winsor & Newton. I had three sample tubes of the primary colors, or a slightly shifted version of the primaries. The palette was Winsor Red, Winsor Yellow, Pthalo Blue, and Flake white.
This paint can be used alla prima, but I decided to do a full session everyday on it, let it sit overnight and come back the next day beginning with glazes and finishing off with opaque paint.
The dry time is very fast, and I cut it with liquin, which enhances your dry time significantly from there.
With every session the painted layers were dry to the touch the same day, or completely dry by the next morning, allowing a new set of layers to be built up.
I greatly enjoyed the griffin alkyd and will use it in the future, however when cutting it with mediums be sure to scrape down the palette after every use as anything you mixed it into will be dry to the touch that day, making it difficult to paint alla prima because all your mixtures are dry.
The step by step process above shows working time of 6 hours, each step representing about 2 hour painting sessions, with a night of dry time in between each step. The reference was from some camera phone pictures taken during Halloween.
"Evil Ent Glaxco", Oil, 5 x 7

DPAAF 2010 2nd Place

The Denver Plein Air Festival opening was at the beginning of November, and I have been slightly behind on posting, but the good news is that I was honored with a 2nd Place ribbon for my entry "Constructive Destruction". Also shown are the emerging artist 1st, 2nd place ribbon holders, and the Best of Show winner. The 1st place winner in the professional category is shown here as well, the works can be viewed at the Denver Public Library's 7th floor until December 31st. Gracious thanks to Christine Serr, Jil Rosentrater, Rose Fredrick, and Dean Sobel for the consideration, and everyone else at Abend and 1261.

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Upcoming Shows and More

A portrait study that will be in an upcoming show in December, more info to come and great news for Denver Plein Air!

Prime Element Updates

As many of you may remember I worked on the cover artwork for Denvers own 3 The Hardway, who after being signed to Kamakazi Airlines (label info) has undergone a name change, and in the process I have had to quickly, and with a little bit of apprehension replace the cover painting with a digital cover-up. However, my apprehensions have no basis because I am extremely proud to know these hardworking dedicated masters of their craft will be steadily moving up in the world of music.

Congratulations to Prime Element, and visit the website where you can view some new apparel I helped design and much more, including ALLisports.com the official Dew Tour sponsors picking them up! View Clips here: Prime Element Dew Tour , #2, #3, #4

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iVita Wellness Uptown

A little update and a few process shots from a mural that has been completed. Located on 17th and Pearl in downtown Denver, I will be posting final shots and a short timelapse video that we completed of the mural soon. Also have a great deal of process imagery to show, including the drawings from the model that were used to create the final portrait. More info very soon. Visit the website for more info here: Ivita Wellness