Moleskine Sketches

A recent entry from the moleskine, my friend aptly named him Duncan McCloud of the McCloud Clan, thanks AJ. More posts soon. I appreciate your time taking a look at the work. 


Custom Racing Helmet by Troy Lee Designs

I am excited to share photos of the O'Sullivan Crest helmet in paint and vinyl application processes. These photos are from the artist at Troy Lee Designs in progress, and from Nick O'Sullivan the helmet owner, but once I get to setup and photograph it myself I will make sure to post those shots for you. Initial photos of the base coat and vinyl application, and the second coat with the vinyl crest applied. I have also included a couple of the finished product, look for more photos when I go meet this bad boy in person. Thanks for stopping in to take a look at the custom vector art turned helmet graphic, for inquiries contact delton@deltondemarestarts.com