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What happens with zero visibility, negative temperatures, and the sun deciding to shine through and battle with old man winter? You get this type of amazing high key play on light and color. This painting is a study for a larger work in the making.
"Windblown", Oil on canvas, 5" x 7"


Not more animals!

Well from the last few posts you might think, is he a pet portraiture artist these days? Well no not quite, however if the right client and commission come along, I absolutely love attacking difficult subjects concerning animal anatomy and a likeness that must live on for a lifetime. On the other side of things, client work can be extremely demanding as well, and that is what most of my time is spent working on.

Here are a few concepts for upcoming murals, look for more info soon. Sketches in ink from sketchbook, digital concept from sketchbook drawings.
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LaFawnduh 2006

Keeping with the theme of pet portraiture, I found this image in the archives from 2006, possibly 2007. This was a portrait of my great friend and former gato, LaFawnDuh. Yes, I named her from a character in Napoleon Dynamite. This was completed from careful photo reference and observation. I am still very intrigued by the subtlety in the fur patterning, and the use of color and chroma to indicate and suggest her coat color.
"LaFawnDuh", Oil on wood, 24" x 24", 2006
Pet Portraiture on DD Arts: Hitch Portrait


Nikita the Akita

Quick posting for Friday, I am currently dog sitting, and it is a blast since I get to hang out with a wonderful Akita named Nikita. She has a resemblence to a certain caped crusader, hence her nickname, "Batman". More to come about my dogsitting fun and how this particular drawing became part of an illustration.
"Batman", Ink on paper, 1"x 2"
Ink illustration on previous DD arts: Body Worlds Sketches


Chase Epidermal Artistry

This painting is of my good friend and inspiration, Ben "Chase" Thompson who is an amazing tattoo artist. One of the last times I was hanging with him while he was completing a full chest tattoo I had taken some reference shots and this is the painting that was created from them.
I envision this piece being fully realized at a larger scale, but this "pochade" or rough sketch is a great stepping stone once I aim to attack the final.
"Chase Epidermal Artistry", Oil on Canvas, 5"x7"


Shoeshine Kiks @ Installation in Boulder

I have been informed that the custom sneakers I painted for ShoeShine 5 this past year are online and for sale. So take a trip on over to Satellite/Installation shop in Boulder, or just take a web trip via the link to see the sleak and streamline custom Nike Air Royals I produced for this years event. Also, the banner I produced for the event is color coordinated to the shoes and I am reposting here so you can see the stylistic approach I took for the artwork in 2010.

Link to Artist Exclusive Nike Air Royals @ Installation
Shoeshine in Previous DD Arts: Shoeshine 4


Civic Center Big Air

Here is the nearly final (99%) image of the painting of the Big Air setup at the Civic Center in Downtown Denver. I began the piece plein air as you saw in the previous post. I spent about 2 1/2 hours on location, and finished it in the studio. I edited and enhanced the lighting from memory in addition to adding and adjusting a few elements in order to make a more efficient overall painting. I say it is a few touches away from a finish because there are some small nuances that I would like to add and adjust further, and of course a signature.

"Civic Center Big Air", Oil on Canvas, 9" x 11"


Denver Big Air Plein Air

Last week I set up and began painting the Denver Big Air setup in the middle of Civic Center Park. The building and construction was still underway and I had the great opportunity to meet some of the creative and insanely fearless contractors working on completing the structure. One of these artists was Dave McKay who so graciously sent me the photo above of the piece in action. I took the piece back to the studio and completed it from memory and photo reference.

I will post the final piece tomorrow as the event gets underway.

The structure is 101 ft tall and is destined to have two kickers in the middle section of the ramp launching competitors into the air and towards the flat bottom in between the Denver State Capital and the City Courthouse. You can find the Denver Metromix's description of the event here: Denver Metromix


Gus Portrait

Recently completed a commission for a great friend and collector who will remain anonymous, here are the color studies and the final piece all created on location using photo reference since our Gus here recently past away.
I love when a project is not only fun, but is rewarding in the feeling that a loving pet owner has somewhat filled the void of losing their best friend by having a painting created of them.
This particular collector has an amazing collection, including some from a few artists I have closely followed for years, more on that in a later post.
"Gus" Oil on Canvas, 8"x10"
Previous On Location Pet Portraiture: Hitch Plein Air


Rimlit Vader Still-Life

A short post for today, I have a series in the works of some great Star Wars figures I have gotten my hands on. This was painted both from life and from photo reference. I have been using a slightly shifted primary palette of Cadmium Yellow Light, Alizaron Crimson, and Ultramarine Blue. Pleased with the results and will post a few more from the series in small increments.
5" x 7", Oil on canvas


Plein Air, Sketches, and Studio Transit 2011

So far this new year has been extremely productive, and I have many things to share with all of you, but before I can, I am moving studios(more on this soon) and completing some really great projects. So I will leave you all with some visual cupcakes, and some teasers of things to come.
The sketch is of the progressing graphic for Indy Ink, thats the teaser....and the plein air piece
was a study on location for a series of railyard paintings I am completing.