Afro Predator Final

Ink w digital color is ready for print and completes the first portion of this graphic for 303/Indy ink set for release in November. The final separation for this Tshirt graphic was done by my man Dan Castillo, thanks again for the hardwork. Excited to see this go to print and to unveil the final skateboard graphic. Look for more info and a full process post soon, thanks for taking time to view the work. Contact either Indy Ink or 303 for pre-order information. Thanks for stopping in! Have a great weekend.

Ink and Digital process

W.I.P.'s on the light table and the beginning of the digital coloring of the ink illustration for an upcoming project I am very excited for. Look for the finish on this in the next few posts and information for pre-order links and event information. I have since added the final touches on this character and am finalizing the full image, which I am psyched to share with you, stay tuned.
Thanks for viewing the process.


Blown covers Autumn submissions

Was this past months Blown Covers theme, and a fun one with all the color and change of season aspects that go along with this theme. I focused on a few concepts that came to mind initially, diving into piles of leaves, and the last two political leaves on the tree, our presidential candidates for this November! The latter idea I worked up to a final watercolor painting you can see above, in addition you can see the first sketch below that. My submissions weren't considered for the runners-up or the winners, but per the usual a great learning experience and challenge to take on the themes amongst the ever growing talent of the Blown Covers artist stable. Look for next months theme of Halloween to be one of the best , I know I am excited for the concepts.

Final watercolor is on Rives, 4" x 5"

Autumn Blown Covers Link


Plein Air 2012 Final Paintings

have been photographed and sent to the judges. We will see what comes of this year's submissions, and overall I am pleased with the works, a more extensive and full color display is something I think these works contain. Look for more and to see which pieces if any make the cut, and with most likely the largest turnout it looks to be a great final show at the Denver Public Library in November. Stay tuned, and thanks for dropping by.


New concepts

In the works for a few different projects and personal pieces. Having a blast working through these and I'm excited as I get closer to adding some color on these sketches. Upcoming show info and flyers for Plein air and more in future posts, look for those very soon. Thanks for dropping by to view the work.


Plein Air quickly comes to an end...

Leaving me feeling that I just didn't get out in the field enough, but I had a nice walk and short paint session near 16th St. for what will most likely be my final painting of the 6th annual event. I greatly enjoyed the locations and painting this year and hope to get a few pieces into the show. Look for more as the jury convenes on all the submissions and I will post more info on he exact dates of this years show. Thanks for stopping in.


My first mobile Blogpost

Along with some photos of a project in progress. Tonights post will be short and sweet as I get some well needed rest for a full day of painting tomorrow. Thanks for stopping in.


Paddle Kings Paddle Master

is the finished painting for the Paddle Kings show held at DVSN west last week. I was in the middle of a few different things so didn't get a chance to post it, or let folks it was for sale at auction price. Alas, I didn't make it to the show so I'm not sure if it sold, or if it still hangs. I do know this was a blast to paint and conceptualize, short working time but pleased with the results. Here are some final shots and details, somehow the full capture escaped file transfer, will post tomorrow. Thanks for stopping in. More posts soon. 

"Paddle Master" Acrylic on Ping Pong Paddle


Mic Cicada @ Leon

is a preview and progress post since I have been away for a few. This piece was in the plans for sometime and I am psyched to preview it here, but you have to come to Leon and see the originals and all the other amazing work that will be unveiled tomorrow starting at 7pm. 
This painting is the third in aerosol for the Leon show, and it was executed in the same fashion as the prior two, beginning with a light and shadow pattern over a toned ground, then applying opaque color and glazes over the top. Really enjoy the finish and mood of this piece, more of a melancholy piece to accompany the other more macabre works. I also feel it rounds out the works, and I have another to unveil in tomorrows post! I used another of my close up shots from the insect reference files, just love this specimen and how it translated to the final painting. I really hope to see you all at the show tomorrow, and I will also have small prints available of all the new works for "Of the Melancholy and of the Macabre". Info and address are listed on the flyer, look for more tomorrow and come to the show! Thanks for stopping in!

"Mic Cicada" Aerosol on board, 20" x 33.25"


Buffalo Bill Grave Plein Air w 30mph winds

is not exactly the ideal weather for producing plein air work. Karma Leigh and I went for a painting session despite these obstacles, and managed to produce. The wind throws dust, rocks, sand, and anything else in to your eyes, palette, and of course the painting. It also likes to play topple games with your easel, no matter how sturdy, or how many giant rocks you put in your stone bag. For this reason you can see that I got zero progress shots because to step back from the piece to shoot it meant risking it toppling over the mountain edge(which you can see was within inches). The only onsite photo I have to provide is once I had locked the painting to the easel, and even laying it against the rope it was teetering with wind gusts. It also meant that the working time was greatly shortened, and that once the painting is dry you have to scrape the mountain dust out of the dried oils.
 My goals for this piece were two-fold, to mix on location a palette of lofty atmosphere, and to create a finish piece that acts as a study. A current painting I am working on contains background elements that indicate long distances and atmosphere. I worked the piece when I arrived back at the studio from memory and the final palette I had worked on location. Quite please with this piece, and the help it will add to the illustration WIP. Thanks for stopping in, look for more posts soon.