Air Jordan

Step by step process of a recent commission of His Airness, the one and only Michael Jordan. This particular shot being from the 1986 Slam Dunk Championship, a great difficulty and challenge to paint this piece at a small scale, and in achieving the anatomical and atmospheric effects, with multiple arena light sources and the younger anatomic specimen that Jordan was in the mid 80's. Overall the final results are to my satisfaction, and to the collectors. Look for more scenes of the old school legends in the future.
Aerosol on canvas, 48" x 60"

The Sharpest Rides Mural 2

Just a few early morning set up shots of the exterior showcase wall that was recently completed at The Sharpest Rides. A clean and streamline logo and a dedication piece for the first wall at the lot, but only the beginning of the additional murals that are in the works. More info and concepts soon.

The Sharpest Rides Mural 1

Recent murals that have begun for The Sharpest Rides, a custom car lot located in South Denver. This was a small addition before we paint the majority of the exterior and interior walls located at the lot and sales office. This particular piece is for the children's playground area, inspired by learning and building blocks. More of the larger murals on separate areas of the lot soon, and some fresh rides, like a newly refinished 64 Impala.

GBS Fish n Chips Timelapse~ Seetwist

Thanks to Seetwist Productions for all the dedication to make this timelapse possible. One of the best murals I have created and also one of the best timelapses conducted by the operators at Seetwist Productions. Check out his youtube channel and his vimeo site for more incredible photography and videography. This video was premiered at my solo show at the University of Northern Colorado, and has had some time off, so enjoy the new soundtrack, and check out both of the incredible GBs Fish n Chips locations.

Imagine Mural Near Completion

The mural on the Federal House Customs Building is nearly completed, here are shots of the graffiti coat application and its effects on the color vibrance. We are steadily installing the 16' 1/8 inch steel sculptures, all of which contain Morse code,braille, stenography, and additional designs cut into the faces. The LED lighting which is placed behind the sculptures is also being installed and I will have some very cool night and day shots very soon. In the meantime take a walk by the place, the cinder block custom speakers will have some sort of ambient sound for you to enjoy until the full programming goes into the motion sensors. Far beyond inspiring; this installation is going to change the face of public art in Denver for future generations. Look for more info very soon and a 7news interview.


"Hitch" Plein Air

I haven't had a post in a while so here is the start of many great projects.
Recently traveled to the mountains of Colorado to complete a commission of one in a long line of pit bull royalty. Pet portraiture can be stagnant and uninteresting, however when executed on site utilizing a plein air palette and spacial organization, the painting quickly becomes dynamic, taking on the qualities of the mountain atmosphere and air that is present at elevation. This particular piece was a great challenge and often the best work is created when it is a difficult piece to master, forcing the artist to adapt and react to the changing surroundings.

I painted two small color and anatomic studies on site, and then completed the large painting on site, en plein air, using both the color studies as guides to paint the final piece.

Oil on canvas, 20 x 24, "Hitch"


Imagine Mural Update

Recent Denver and the West front page coverage of the ongoing collaborative mural that I am working on with Darrell Anderson. Look for more upcoming information as we are soon to install the metal sculpture and get the LED lighting up and running.....stay tuned.