Final Pacifico Keg Mountain Rider 2

Here is the sixth and final Pacifico Keg painting. I was finalizing this simultaneously with working the NS snowboard for the Snowdown event. Like I had mentioned in previous posts this was the second in the pair of Mountain Rider concepts. The first was a primary palette, this piece being a titiary palette shift towards blue green, and purple. Pleased with the final product and am getting lettering ready to send these off to the distributors. Look for final shots of all the keg paintings and more info from Pacifico soon. Thanks for viewing the work. 


Spectrum 19 Entry

My submission for Spectrum 19 is the "For Better or Worse" cover art. Created in the summer of 2011, I hope that the judges consider giving it a nod. Links to more info about the project, and to the Prime Element website can be found below. The work was created for Prime Element emcee A.V.I.U.S.'s sophomore EP. This concept derived from talks and ideas about the marriage of mic and turntable. This was a great project and really fun to work from thumbnail to final painting. Mediums were acrylic, oil, and a small amount of digital finish. Giclee being sent to Spectrum produced by the Painted Pixel at Wazee Union. Special thanks to A.V.I.U.S. and Prime Element for the opportunity to create for sound. Thanks for viewing the work.


Atmosphere at First Winter Red Rocks Concert

Yesterday marked the first ever winter concert held at Red Rocks Ampitheatre. The headliner for this concert was the one and only Atmosphere, who I had the honor of working with and have displayed the artwork above. Was absolutely freezing, but worth every minute, one of the best shows I've attended, and we had the pleasure of getting VIP, which meant we had some of the best seats in the house (photos in a later post) and we could actually escape the cold every now and then and grab some free drinks. The cherry on the cake was Brother Ali joining Slug for a dope encore, by far one of my favorite emcees and performers of all time. Special thanks to Icelantic, and to Slug for hooking up the homies. 



Process shots of the characters painted live at SNOWDOWN, info for the giveaway of this custom Never Summer board can be found at Corona Colorado Facebook. Since this was a replay of one of the previous keg paintings I designed and installed the other characters to give the piece a new feel and look, both for my enjoyment and to make it an event unique snowboard.Thanks to Karma for the event photos.Look for the final shots of this and all the kegs for Pacifico soon.


SNOWDOWN Concepts Live

Here is the Pacifico/Never Summer snowboard and concepts to be painted live at SNOWDOWN this evening. Hope to see you there!


Pacifico Mountain Rider 1 Details

I forgot to post these detail shots from the first Pacifico Mountain Rider. The surfer's finished James Bond/MI style was not my intention but it enhances the action and I really dig his jet black wet hair. Hope you do as well, thanks for eyeballing the work. 

Pacifico Mountain Rider 2

The final painting for Pacifico is in progress and here are some shots of the painting in studio. For this piece I am sticking very closely to the color study and it is going great. It is not yet complete but here is the painting at about 60 percent. All of these kegs have been completed using spraypaint and Liquitex jar color acrylic. Live painting with Pacifico for SNOWDOWN  tomorrow evening has me spending the majority of the time prepping the brand new Never Summer board for paint and I aim to finalize the kegs over the weekend. Thanks to Stereo Abstract for the working shots, it was slightly cold in the studio today, hence the hoodie setup. Appreciate your time viewing the work. 


Pacifico Mountain Rider 1

Final Painting of the Mountain Rider 1 Keg for Pacifico. I strayed from the color study slightly as I wanted to warm the scene up and add more contrast, pleased with the results. The last of six paintings is in progress and I will post the final in a later post. Special thanks to the boys at Crown Imports for the painting food. It feels a little bit more like summer in the studio already. Look for SNOWDOWN concepts to be painted live on Thursday. Thanks for taking a trip to see the work. 

Pacifico Goggle 1 Pickup

Final of the first Goggle keg painting. This one was picked up and sent to Vail today. The final two paintings are in progress and I will be posting the progress on those in the next few posts. Such a nice feeling to start pulling tape and clearcoat. Thank you for viewing the work. 


Pacifico Kegs Ripcurl Ram

Final photos and color study for the fourth Pacifico keg painting. I would like to talk more about these works but I have a few yet to complete, and I hope you enjoy the pieces so far. These are going smoothly despite another very tight deadline. Completing a 18" x 24" painting a day on a cylinder is not easy. Look for lettering and the final barrels soon. Thanks for viewing the work. 


Pacifico Final Color Studies

Here are the last two color studies for the Pacifico Keg project. The concept with surfer riding the rip curl over the mountains was also a favorite amongst the marketing department, so we decided to play this idea out in two paintings as we did with the Goggle concept. The first uses a purple shifted color key, and the second is a primary color key, both will be similar, with the variation being met through the color difference. Look for the final keg paintings in the next few days. Thanks for stopping by. 


Pacifico Kegs Goggle 2

Process photos of the second Goggle piece for the Pacifico Keg project. The concept had enough strength that it was to be painted twice. I stayed w my color study key and this piece went like clockwork. I am getting fairly anxious to pull the tape and clearcoat these. Alas, I must wait until I have finished all six kegs, and also placed the Pacifico lettering on each piece before I take those final steps. All of these paintings are in acrylic, and I work thin to begin with, layering more "fat" paint on top as I move towards the finish. As always, thanks for viewing the work. 


Pacifico Kegs Stage 2 Cont.

Next keg in the series of 6 that are being painted is nearly completed and the third is underway. One of the larger compositions, this piece incorporates fusion of kayak and halfpipe, this painting went a little bit quicker than many of the others because it contains larger compositional shapes. Overall really like the motion and energy created from the water splash and gesture. On to the next one, which you can see a small preview above.


Pacifico Kegs Stage 2

Progress photos of the first Pacifico barrel as the paint is layered up.This painting is nearly complete and two others are in the works. I will continue to post progress photos as I move forward on the additional pieces. Thanks for viewing the work. Share and Re-post, please credit my name and link, and stay tuned for concepts for SNOWDOWN 2012