Pacifico Final Concepts

Final value study and pencil comps for the Pacifico Half Keg project. With a bit less of a tight deadline on these I will be making some variations during the final painted stages but overall the elements will be as we see here.  The image orientation was changed midway, and I don't think it negatively effected the work, in fact on many I think it enhanced the compositional flow. The Kegs have been plasma cut in half "long-ways" and have a mounting unit welded to the back for hanging. Two of the four concepts will be painted twice, in order for them to be distributed to a wider audience. I am working on color studies for each piece and then jumping in on the final paintings. Each Keg is approximately an 18 x 24 painting. 

Also have been notified that I will be doing some live painting for Pacifico at the SNOWDOWN 2012 event at City Hall featuring Dilated Peoples! Look for more info on that very soon. 

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