WW2 Pilot Sculptures

I painted a mural of a B-25 for a longtime pilot recently, and here is a little bit about our new project. This ongoing project involving a few different steps, I painted these sculptures according to historical reference and according to the notes I took while speaking with the pilot who owns these sculptures, and whom has flown thousands of airplanes and missions in his career. Once all of the painting is completed we will be creating some murals of these pilots that will be small scale, stay tuned.

B-25 Mural on DMD Arts


Mural Concept Next Steps

A few days ago I posted some thumbnail sketches of mural concepts that had been sent off to the client. I have heard back and we are combining two concepts into one for the final execution. Above is the pencil sketch, from imagination, will start to hone down and get reference together for final painting next. Stay tuned.


A.V.I.U.S. For Better Or Worse EP

The wait is no longer, here is the final insert artwork and cover art for A.V.I.U.S. second solo album, which is an amazing work of musical art, a must have in my opinion. Without further ado, the release of the final version of the For Better Or Worse EP is available to the public. A.V.I.U.S. has hardcopies for sale, please visit the site, the original painted artwork is in print, and looks smooth, I will post product shots soon.

A.V.I.U.S. says:
I first off want to thank you all for your help, support, and dedication...without all of you none of this is possible. My EP "For Better Or Worse" is now available in hard copy for only $5. I know that some of you already have the promo version, but would love for you to have the real Album...I know times are rough as well so if you can't afford it I thank you anyway for atleast reading this email... please forward this to your friends and family and help promote independent music. WE are all pushing in the same direction... so thank you for you support!!
www.primeelement.net (to get your copy today)
For Better or Worse Tracklist
1.For Better or Worse (produced and cuts by DJ Babu /dilated peoples)
2.Carry it Home (feat Rhias / Air dubai)
3. Think of the Day (produced by Metty Dertmerchant / sweatshop union)
4. Same ol' Line (feat Fashawn and Evidence /dilated peoples)
5.Beyond the Haze (produced and feat. Metty Dertmerchant / sweatshop union)
6.. Nightmares (produced by High Res / fresh breath commitee)
7. Stressed (produced by Metty Dertmerchant and feat. Mos Eisley / sweatshop union)
8. Think of the Day remix (produced by Es NIne)
**all cuts by: Dj Cysko Rokwel except song 1
***Album art by Delton Demarest
always Love,
David, aka A.v.i.u.s.


Mantis Morning

This morning look what had attached to me somewhere between home and the studio. One of my favorite insects, and made my day to see so early. This species has great coloring and design, I am going to have to research to find out more.

Swollen Members Night Vision with Cysko Rokwell on the cuts!

New Swollen Members video featuring the cuts and scratches of Prime Element's, and Denver's own, Cysko Rokwell. For more info on Prime Element visit www.PrimeElement.net


Bridge to Skate's "Plywood for Peace:The Skateboard Project" @ Blackbook Gallery

Tomorrow evening at Blackbook Gallery will be a great event I hope all of you can attend. Harrison Nealey and myself have produced original painted decks for auction, above is my piece. I am going to post the info directly from FB for the Bridge to Skate's "Plywood for Peace:The Skateboard Project". Please take the time to read and come through and support.

Come and check out Bridge to Skate's "Plywood for Peace: The Skateboard Project" Art Show and Silent Auction! We have recruited artists worldwide to collaborate with us to create skateboard art to benefit the construction of a school, skateboard park and playground in Trojes, Honduras!

Featuring the talents of:

Alex Tischner
...Artemis Nolasco
Zon Carvalho
Berk from Elm & Oak
Sandra Fettingis
Scot LeFavor
Frank Alvarado
Cheryl Dunn
Leigh Sedley
Lauren Biggs
AJ McCormick
Brittany Ouzts
Jamie Waddington
Ashley Schmidt
Rob Sfumato
Jonathan Vanderweit
Robert-marcellus Deandre Wright
Sara Furey

And more!

A DJ, drink specials, door prizes, and silent auction are all part of the night's events. It's all free to come, but a $5 donation at the door will get you into the drawing for a Never Summer longboard deck and sweet schwag from all our sponsors, including Elm & Oak, Ambiguous, Nordica, RVCA, and more!

Stay updated on the event here, as well as on the Bridge To Skate facebook page- www.facebook.com/bridgetoskate!


New Mural Concepts

New mural concepts drawn out today. Look for one of these on a wall near you. Personally hope that the client goes with the first concept, but all three have challenging and fun elements that would make for a good large scale painting.


2 Color Posters Limited in Numbers, Now on Etsy

These 2-color, hand screen printed posters were created by me and printed by Chris Huth at BlackCloudWorkshop, and they are getting down to depleted numbers. Of the edition of 50 I have less than half remaining, and have decided to put them for sale on my Etsy shop, at a price of $25 per print, this price will be going up as the last numbers of them begin to sell so get on over to the Etsy shop, link below, and purchase some. Not going to be printed again, possibly a run of apparel with the graphic, and then it is going into the archives.

Delton Demarest Studios Etsy Shop



5th Annual Denver Plein Air Festival Underway

Plein Air is back on for the 5th time in the Golden Triangle Museum District, and I got a jump on things with this inaugural night nocturne. I set up near the new courthouse on 14th and Acoma, and will be going back to the same locale for a few more hours to finalize this piece. A great difficulty mixing a palette on site with such limited contrast and color visibility, but some of the best painters can accomplish nocturnal color mixing and composing with ease, so I have set out to challenge myself to do exactly that this year, at least a handful of nocturnal paintings for the competition, look for more on the event as it progresses.

4th Annual DPAAF 2010: 2nd Place DPAAF


Union Pacific Steam Engine at Wazee Union

Quick break from artwork, for some amazing industrial design. This Union Pacific Steam Engine is the batmobile of train engines. Such an amazing sight, this was laid up in front of my studio at the Wazee Union for a full day while train enthusiasts, railfans, and many more came out to see this collectors engine before it was sent back to Cheyenne, Wyoming.


TCH Mural Concepts Accepted

The mural concepts that I submitted to TCH are in, and I have been chosen to create an illustration on board for the kids to paint and finalize. The sketch above was chosen to be used for one of the units at The Childrens Hospital and I am pleased to see how they envision the color and completion of this concept. More to come on the painting process, and opening of the show, in which all the artist need you in attendance to vote for Best of Show.

Many Hands Create Art on DMD Arts: TCH Mural Concepts


Prime Element Flourish Graphic

Final line drawing and color samples for the Prime Element Flourish style graphic that I have been working on. The graphic is completed and ready for print, shirts are coming off the press and I am excited to see how the different color variations turned out, none of the sample colors seen here were used. More on this apparel design and where you can purchase them soon.


Super Crunk Bros

Rough concept underway for the one and only Crunk Bros, more to come as I finalize this graphic.


Botto Italian Mural Changes and New Ownership

Some time ago I had posted about a small interior mural I was completing on the Northside of Denver, as time would tell, the locale is opening next week, but under a new name and management. The current owners decided to completely setup and furnish the new restaurant, and then turn it over to new management. The mural is still in place, and I had to add a few small additions, given that the food is going to be a completely different flavor and from a new locale, can anyone tell what was actually changed? More info as the doors open on the new restaurant.


Childrens Hospital Mural Concepts

Recently was invited to participate in a mural project at the Childrens Hospital entitled "Many Hands Create Art". These are the concepts I submitted for the project, one was aimed at a full color, 4x8 foot layout, where the other two concepts were fashioned for a separate project in which the illustrations would be transferred to boards and the kids would paint the piece to a finish. Excited to hear which submissions are chosen, will update when I know more.