A.V.I.U.S. For Better Or Worse EP

The wait is no longer, here is the final insert artwork and cover art for A.V.I.U.S. second solo album, which is an amazing work of musical art, a must have in my opinion. Without further ado, the release of the final version of the For Better Or Worse EP is available to the public. A.V.I.U.S. has hardcopies for sale, please visit the site, the original painted artwork is in print, and looks smooth, I will post product shots soon.

A.V.I.U.S. says:
I first off want to thank you all for your help, support, and dedication...without all of you none of this is possible. My EP "For Better Or Worse" is now available in hard copy for only $5. I know that some of you already have the promo version, but would love for you to have the real Album...I know times are rough as well so if you can't afford it I thank you anyway for atleast reading this email... please forward this to your friends and family and help promote independent music. WE are all pushing in the same direction... so thank you for you support!!
www.primeelement.net (to get your copy today)
For Better or Worse Tracklist
1.For Better or Worse (produced and cuts by DJ Babu /dilated peoples)
2.Carry it Home (feat Rhias / Air dubai)
3. Think of the Day (produced by Metty Dertmerchant / sweatshop union)
4. Same ol' Line (feat Fashawn and Evidence /dilated peoples)
5.Beyond the Haze (produced and feat. Metty Dertmerchant / sweatshop union)
6.. Nightmares (produced by High Res / fresh breath commitee)
7. Stressed (produced by Metty Dertmerchant and feat. Mos Eisley / sweatshop union)
8. Think of the Day remix (produced by Es NIne)
**all cuts by: Dj Cysko Rokwel except song 1
***Album art by Delton Demarest
always Love,
David, aka A.v.i.u.s.

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