New Mural Concepts

Submission sketches for two new murals that are upcoming here in Denver. Approval has gone through and I will be getting this piece underway soon. The main image is for one property, and the second is for the adjacent property. More to come, and timelapse of the process.


Once Devol Custom Endtables

Custom endtables created for a private collector based on two apparel graphics I created, the first in 2008, and the second accompanying graphic this year. The process was a new one for me, but the end product is on point. Look for more exploration in custom upholstery and furniture in the future.

Koi Duality Commission

Recent commission for a private collector. Aerosol on canvas, 18 x 24
Palette is as follows - Rustoleum White, Colonial Red
Ironlak Panther, Linz Iceberg, Sofles Violence
Montana 2G Black, Apricot, Air White
Belton Deep Blue Sea

Imagine Mural Sneak Peek

The collaborative mural I am working on with Darrell Anderson is taking shape and form as we begin the painting stages of the exterior mural on the Customs House Federal Building in downtown Denver. The immigration protest march through Denver was ongoing as we applied the first layers of paint. This project is absolutely amazing! Video progress and more to come. Stay Tuned.

Rest In Paint...1928-2010

To the one and only, thanks for creating and inspiring. The world you created effects all of us in so many different ways, now and forever. Thank you and goodbye.