Sketchbook ink drawings from the latest Dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum, and yes they have been in the sketchbook for too long. Quick sketches since no photographs are allowed, the bambiraptor is a great specimen, one of the most intact scientists have ever unearthed.


TRUTH and RIGHTS Inaugural Symposium

Muerta inspired theme was more beneficial to the idealogy of the truth and rights mission. Currently working on a clean line drawing before moving towards the final ink execution.

I have been contacted by Truth and Rights, a new online publication aimed for launch on June 1st, 2009 to create a cover image for the publication, and prints for release at the symposium.

A great group of people with vision and motivation behind them, I am honored to help create for such a steady and strong organization aimed at giving a voice, or rather a megaphone to artists of all types with the drive to support and represent Denver to the fullest.

I am currently working out the thumbnail designs, and moving forward to the finish, here are some of the process sketches so far.
Please visit the website and help support!

Steve Powers~Church of the Open Tab

Recently had some amazing artwork come across the wire from the one and only Stephen Powers. I would like to share it with you all in case you hadn't gotten a chance. Enjoy!

Click on the mans name for more in depth analysis.



Here is the new graphic going to print for the amazing Maneline, get your gear and your Denver support on! You can contact the Mighty ManeRok or myself to get your hands on some.



Work About to Begin on Rude Rec Center Mural

Work is about to get underway on another one of Judy’s initiatives to help control graffiti by channeling youth into constructive activities.
In this case, the project is a new mural in the Rude Recreation pool area. It will be led by the same acclaimed graffiti artists who have worked with local kids to create murals throughout District 9, at locations such as Sun Valley Youth Center, Swansea Recreation Center, Globeville Recreation Center, and the Santa Fe Arts District.
The artists, Delton Demarest and Jeremy Ulibarri, will instruct a group of about a dozen kids selected from the Colorado Division of Youth Corrections. This restorative justice project is being coordinated through Judy’s office and focuses on the theme of “repairing the harm.” The project will create value for the recreation center as well as give the participating youth an opportunity to make a positive contribution to their community.
The painting of the mural provides a great way for the participants to be positively engaged in the community and see how they can help their community instead of harming it.
The 15 feet by 70 feet mural will be painted this spring on six different Saturdays, beginning this Saturday, May 9. Rude Recreation Center is hoping the mural project will spark enough interest to start a graffiti art program at the center, with Jeremy and Delton as instructors.
Most of the painting will take place when the center is closed, but there will be several painting sessions that will happen while the center and pool are open. Please feel free to ask the artists questions as you see the mural take shape over the next 6 weeks.
Come back to the blog for in-progress photographs of the mural, as it takes shape.


Notorious B.I.G. Portrait

New Aerosol Portrait in process, the one and only Notorious. Brooklyn's own and I am pleased with the finish thus far, fusing the ink style and portraiture style is fun, and challenging.


JAZZ B Group Show

From February until April some friends and myself had participated in a group showing at Jazz B Studios on 8th and Galapago, in the Santa Fe Arts District. The first two are aerosol on canvas, and the final piece is mixed media by Dr. Nonstop. The PIMP C is sold, but giclees are available.