30 Day Drawing Challenge

was a group challenge that I participated in on Facebook during the month of September-October of this year. Many were done in clump sessions where 5-10 drawings might get completed in one sitting. Other times I was completing one specific sketch per day amidst client and "tradigital" work. The challenge was a lot of fun because often it forced you to think outside of a comfort zone or to challenge yourself to sketch a foreign subject matter. Here are a small collection of those images for you all to check out Bloggers. Thanks for stopping in I have a few posts to share with you before the exciting new year gets underway.


Engineering, Speed and Construction


are the underlying themes for this series of miniature oil paintings, aptly titled "Hot Wheels Training Facility". In 2011 I had the pleasure of meeting one of the head engineers for the Civic Center Big Air competition that was held directly in front of the Denver courthouse and capitol building. Dave McKay is the engineer's name and we got to talking more as I painted the ramp construction en plein air. We exchanged information and artwork for big air tickets, the good stuff you know. The event went off and it was amazing to see the view from the press area of the big air ramp, check the links for photos. 
Not too long after the Big Air event I received some "Top Secret" reference photos of another project Dave was working on and to say the least it was impressive. These paintings are a result of the "leaked" reference photos, and I am honored to have them to work from. Rarely are these opportunities afforded to an artist. These works were created as miniatures to simplify detail but also in an effort to focus more on the color and design of this 90 foot roll off ramp and the stages of construction. The thing is basically a 90' snowboard big air ramp for the customized tank you see Tanner Foust driving in the videos.
Dave also makes an appearance in the third video talking about the Double Loop stunt he was working on, another Hot Wheels world record attempt. More of Dave's work was witnessed by most of the world as Felix Baumgartner fell from the edge of space.
The four piece series also includes a fifth larger painting that is still in the works. The overall heavy engineering and conceptual construction inspired me to get these works framed in a different fashion than usual. I turned to my good friend, artist, and metal fabricator Stereo Abstract. Constructed of steel and welded into square frame format, these custom housings are a great compliment and really finish these paintings off with a nice touch. 

These paintings will be on display and for sale in a gallery show near you, stay tuned! 
Thanks for stopping in to view the work!

"Hot Wheels Training Facility 4"
Oil on canvas 
3" x 4" (2) and 4" x 4" (2)


Estes Raven

Some new works that will be in an upcoming December show, more info on this series of works, the show opening, demonstration dates/times, and the online preview. Thanks for stopping by!

"Estes Raven" Oil on board