Phat Thai Cherry Creek Mural Complete

Final photos of the mural completion at Phat Thai Cherry Creek. Phat Thai is open for business, serving lunch everyday at 11am and dinner at 5pm. Those times may change but from the time I have spent there thus far they have a fairly strict schedule for the meal times. Be sure to stop in and enjoy some great Thai. More from this location soon. Special thanks to Mark Fischer for this great opportunity.


Merry Christmas from the Lab

Merry Christmas from the Studio 72 Lab, and Delton Demarest Arts. Looking forward to 2012.


Jen Mericle WJ Bradley Screenprinted Canvas Bags

As promised, here are some product photos of the screenprinted Canvas bags with the Jen Mericle illustration. Printed by John LeDrew at KSE printing, these turned out great. The linework and tight detail translated well and there were so many folks that received one on their way through the event. Honored to create this for my friend Jen Mericle and great to see all of her green, caring ideas come to fruition for this event. Was a great night shared by all!


Phat Thai Near Completion

Photos above display the final design of the Phat Thai Cherry Creek mural. The final steps aren't captured in progress photos, that step was to trap the emboss edge with blue tape, and then apply a glaze of Montana Shadow Black to the mask, giving us the transparent edge that we see in the photos above. The photos show the piece as it was completed in the evening after dark, and the design in natural morning light. The lettering is the next step and some final cleanup on the main image.
This has been a challenging piece given the decor obstacles you see that were worked around, in addition to the prep dinners and construction going on around me, but the result is all that I was expecting and more. Look for final photos and details of the project in the next posts. 


Phat Thai Progression

As mentioned in earlier posts, the mural at Phat Thai Cherry Creek is moving steadily. Here are progress photos from the first three days of work at the new location. From bottom you can see the 1) Full scale print out alignment and leveling 2)Line drawing transferred to the wall 3)Block in of the exterior shapes and trapping of the entire silhouette shape 4) The final shape block in of the elephant design and interior elephant portrait 
This is about 20 hours working time, and there are a few steps yet to go. More on that in the next post. Thanks for viewing the work. 

Phat Thai Mural Underway

 The mural at Phat Thai Cherry Creek is being transferred and prepared for the painting. With the installation of decor furniture and lighting the placement of this mural may change, but the color and design you see will remain very close. Obviously color swatches used digitally are going to vary in real paint color, but these offer me a great amount of information to use as I prep and begin painting the final. Progress shots and more to come. 


Jen Mericle WJ Bradley and Slow Food Holiday Celebration

The two pieces that I produced for my friend Jen Mericles Holiday Celebration are "Franken-Clause" and "Hand of Doom". Both are 20 x 30 Aerosol on Canvas.  The completion of these paintings served a dual-purpose. The two illustrations were near completed line drawings or value studies intended and used for other projects or jobs, and now these full color studies will serve as a jump off for the next step in the job process. In addition, both pieces were silent auctioned at the show, and they sold. This is the ultimate prize, both the event promoters, and the beneficiary of the silent auction all received gifts for the holiday. Thanks to Jen Mericle, Harrison Nealey, and all the other artists involved, we made it a special night. 


Phat Thai Final Color Samples

Basic digital color according to the paint swatches of Phat Thai. Really excited for this mural to begin and will post progress shots as it gets underway. 



Monkeyshine Barrels Progress

Some more detailed shots of the barrels and the intense crystallization that is being painted over. You can also see a bit more of the natural coloring that is created from the wine stained wood. More from IMT soon. 


Abend 21st Holiday Miniature Show

The following pieces are on display at Abend Gallery for their 21st annual Holiday Miniatures Show, the show opened on First Friday Dec. 2. Always an honor to be invited to display works at such a prestigious and well established gallery. A sincere thanks for having me be a part of the show, and the series of  Star Wars pieces will be unveiled soon, stay tuned. Thanks for taking the time to view the work. 


Hand of Doom Process 3-step

Process of the first of two pieces for an upcoming show. The concept is for Witches Brew Ink, and also has some more in the works. Aerosol on Canvas, 20 x 30. Thanks for stopping by.


Jen Mericle LoHi Illustration Process

Process for an upcoming graphic that will be on a different fabric than usual. This graphic is for Jen Mericle, and she does mortgages for WJ Bradley. We wanted a caricaturized style, with a realistic feel. Its usage is for giveaway items for a holiday celebration later this month. I worked from thumbnail sketches up to final ink. The final had to be a black image only for screen printing purposes, so I focused on conveying as much information as possible on the final ink illustration. Look for product shots soon. Thanks for visiting.