Happy Halloween Blogger

Happy Halloween from me to you. Frankenstein Concept which is still incomplete, but that will get handled soon.


Few more in the works

Some more concept sketches and color sketches for in progress projects. Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping in.


DPAAF 2011 Accepted Entries

I am pleased to announce that three of my submissions have been accepted to be displayed in this years exhibition and competition. The three pieces can be seen above, framed and ready to deliver. The online preview is live as well so please take a trip on over to the Golden Triangle Museum website and see the paintings before the show opens. 2011 DPAAF Online Preview Link

The accepted works are as follows:
"Knight of Loyalty" Oil on Board
"Heavy Duty" Oil on Board
"Dome Skeleton" Oil on Board


New Concepts in Progress

A process sheet of a new concept in the works, I wont say much more as the wheels are turning on this project, will post more as the artwork and site build progress.


Soundwave Illustration

A glimpse at the EnStereo Soundwave graphic in progress. This one is a blast to work up, final adjustments and ink, digital still to come.


Super Crunk Bros Ink

Process of a graphic that has been in process for a little while now. More as it is finalized and ready for print. I know I had a previous post where I showed some of the very rough pencil sketches. Those can be found at this link: Super Crunk Bros


Indy Ink Rough

Rough concept for a new tee graphic, Posse style. More to come as this image progresses through the layered stages. Pretty hyped to get it going. Thanks for stopping in to view the work.


8Bit Video @ Family Affair

Fresh video with a glimpse of all the great art and Vid Game paraphernalia that the 8Bit Show brought out at Family Affair in Denver. Special thanks to all the artists who laid down precious time to participate in this show.


TSR Flourish Lettering Mural

New large scale exterior mural for The Sharpest Rides in Englewood. This surface was slightly challenging with foot and a half gutters in addition to being entirely corrugated. The closeup shot above gives a good idea of what it was like to paint a 30 foot straight line that tapers on one end over this surface. A great challenge and quite please with the turnout. About 14 hours working time, all with Evolve Premium brand spraypaints. More murals and concept art to come from TSR in the near future.


8Bit Show Collabo @ Family Affair

The collaboration between Harrison Nealey and myself I spoke of in earlier posts turned out to be an amazing piece, and one that I think we are going to explore in future works. Without too much wordage to take away from the imagery, both Harrison and I dug in and created an artistic interactive gaming experience. If you have any questions or comments as to the process or creation of this work please feel free to drop a line to either Harrison or myself, but for the time being we are letting the images to the talking. Fresh works from a number of other local artists, including Karma Leigh, Xencs Lil Wing, Gabe Filthe, and more.

Materials include: 1/2" Acrylic
1/4" Aluminum
1 Nintendo Entertainment System
2 8Bit Spraypainted Characters
Much Much More