Open Doors Auction and IMT Monkeyshine Release

Some quick photos of events that I had the honor of being a part of. First was the IMT Monkeyshine Release Party held on the roof of the Ghost building in downtown Denver, great turnout, real nice setup for the party. Second was the Open Doors Auction that Habitat for Humanity put on featuring artwork created from donated doors and auctioned to support Habitat's ongoing success of putting in-need families in homes. I donated one of the spraypaint pieces from a series, and was so glad to see that someone purchased the piece to support the event. Thank you so very much! The event was a huge success with a huge turnout as you can see from the photos above, the top 3 finalists displayed impressive works and rightfully were auctioned as well. Look for a second annual in the near future, and special thanks to all the volunteers and employees of Habitat for Humanity and the cause they represent.

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