The Sharpest Rides Install and Final

A few mobile install shots from atop the ladder, and a final shot of the TSR service Department interior that was first shown as a step-by-step process post, here is the final image, also a mobile shot. Insert redundant phrase here, such as....stay tuned, more to come from TSR.


Indy Ink Viking Longship First Run

Final image and a separation concept I had in addition to some quick images of the first run of Viking tshirts and hoodies printed by Indy Ink. The image is a heavy line drawing, and separation is always a fun task so I had to give it up to them for even running them for the show opening. So if you got your hands on some of these Icy first run edition make sure you hang on to it, because they probably wont be ran in these colors again. More shots from the next run, and more info to come, and always take a trip over to Indy Ink for new graphics and artwork from around the country.


Dinger Hatch Trading Card

Here are some final shots of the Dinger Hatch sculpture which was auctioned to support UNC and the ongoing efforts of the great folks in the Visual Arts Department there. The baseball card version was created by the very talented Charlie, a student artist who will likely be making a name for himself one day. Many thanks to Charlie for the photography, and Joan for getting the images to me. Stay tuned for more, and thanks for stopping in.


New and Ongoing Projects

Working on many different projects simultaneously. Here is a glimpse of five of them, or maybe its six, either way look for more process and finals from many soon. Thanks for stopping by and viewing the work.


Sharps Bargain Corner

While completing the awning signs I spent a few hours on the lot at the Sharpest Rides and knocked out these emboss influenced letters. Look for more from TSR and always take a trip on over to Broken Bread Arts for mural art.


Prime Element.....AVIUS releases new single from upcoming EP

Head over to Prime Elements website for a new download from A.V.I.U.S. featuring Fashawn and Evidence. Above is the re-release of the "Truth" feat Rakaa Iriscience video in HD, from LA director Eric Heights. Much love to Avius, Es Nine, and Cysko Rokwell for their continued prominence and hard work. The "Same Ol' Line" track is dedicated to the one year passing of Guru of the legendary GangStarr, also Prime Element was selected to rock the Sunsation Festival in Copper Mountain April 16th, and they have a few new sponsors and some big airplay coming up soon, don't sleep.


Through The Lines

"Through The Lines" Oil on Canvas, 5" x 7" Study for a larger work, thanks for stopping by.


Constructive Destruction Digital Capture

"Constructive Destruction", DPAAF 2nd Place 2010, 15.5" x 12.25"

Recently recieived my digital captures back from the wonderful folks at Colorline. Chuck and his wife Teresa always produce a fine product for artists of all genres. Look them up or follow the link below.


Custom Air Maxes Progress

Here are concept sketches and progress shots of a new pair of Air Maxes in the works for a client down south. You can also see some color mockups and basic layout ideas in the progress shot at top. I went through a few different directions conceptually, but feel I landed on a solid solution.

Look for final shots and more info soon.

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The Sharpest Rides further progress

In the previous post you saw the signs in their early stages. Here is another progress shot as the signs get cleaned up and ready for installation. Hopefully with all of great windy days recently in Denver well be able to install and finish them on site. More to come, stay tuned.


The Hand Painted Sign Progress

Fairly short and sweet post, here is a shot of a handpainted sign in progress. Using spraypaint for the main lettering, oil based for the back drop, and on location I will hand paint highlights during the installation. Painted on sign wood, jig saw edges, and much more to come from The Sharpest Rides creative endeavor 2011.


Yeah so I save a post here and there

In the everyday fun of creating and advertising, and promoting, and then creatively advertising. Okay well enough of that, amidst the daily happenings I will save a post, title it, and then move on to other projects. Well give me a break, I want to keep you all informed of new works and the like, but sometimes late at night I just want to kick my feet up, and publish the Post the next day or somewhere down the line. Hope you don't hate me for it, just doing my best to keep the imagery coming.

Some shots from Jenna Avriel Rice digging in the photo archives from 2009. More to come on her website soon.

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Studio Tromp L'oeil

There are some things in progress with Tromp l'oeil techniques at the Studio......more to come very soon on this blast from the past, revamp for 2011.

Past Tromp L'oiel DD Arts: 3 The Hardway


Texas Waffles

Waffles the size of Texas. I dug this up from the archives of my trip down to Texas. These were real nice to wake up to in the mornings.


Cessna departing Studio

In February, I had completed this commission of a Cessna 182, this is a quick mobile photo of the piece on its way out the door of the studio to the collector, digital capture will be posted at a later date, but for now you can see the finish has many of the qualities of the Study I posted about earlier, and many that were more spontaneous as the painting was taking form.

Previous DD Arts: Cessna 182 Commission


Alligator April Fools

While hanging out w my good friend's son Rocco, I drew this alligator at the Denver Zoo, nostrils and eyes slightly cracking the surface of the water, I wonder if the April fools joke is whether it is practicing stealth attacks, or just relaxing. Rocco also produced a really nice drawing that I will post later.