The Hand Drawn Logo

Here is a quick preview and update for a current project that is nearing completion. A great friend and photographer is soon to release her new website and I was honored with creating the logo for her site. All of the above versions of her name were done with acrylic or ink on paper. Handwriting and the longhand version of writing is slowly being deleted from school systems and early education. What a sad thought, especially since it has been proven that handwriting and the process of creating lettering creates and strengthens cognitive thinking and learning. There are some great blog postings and writings about the subject, take a look at the links below. And look for some final mock up shots and the final web release soon. Get to know miss Jenna Avriel Rice, an amazing artist. Look for the full site links and posting just around the corner.
Muddy Colors: Handwriting Rocks!
Muddy Colors: Arts and Letters

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