Portrait Progress of Zro and Hooded

Progress shots of some new spraypaint portraits in progress. The hexagonal is a 24 x 24 roughly, the "Hooded" falconry portrait is 16 x 20. Both pieces on canvas with a large assortment of brands from Rusto to Evolve for these palettes. I have been exploring very limited palettes and enjoying the results. Much more to come on these pieces and the show they are for, in addition I will be getting caught back up on these posts, so many great pieces and projects to share with you. Thanks for stopping in.


Portrait Sketch

Rough Sketch for an upcoming portrait commission, one with a twist, should be a good challenge, I will keep you up to date with the progress of this piece. Thanks for stopping in.


Buffalo Bills Chicken On Fire

Recent mural that I was psyched to finally execute, the Buffalo Bills chicken w tail ablaze, I aimed to push contrast and the dynamics of the chicken's gesture. The final turned out really nice with some reflected light and more, look for other murals from this location as well. Spraypaint on brick in collaboration with Harrison Nealey for Broken Bread Arts. Thanks for stopping in, and my apologies for lapse in posts, I am getting back to it, so much work to show and talk about.


B-25 Bomber Completed and Coated

Here is the final mural of the B-25, which you see the concept sketch from earlier here again. The final was executed in spraypaint and was about 18 hours working time, the pilot of this aircraft hes been flying for nearly all his life so the stories about this bird were quite interesting.


Avius FBOW Digital Background Paintings

The final digital painted versions of the background, and backcover of Avius's EP, For Better or Worse, these are being used as placeholders until the final cut is printed and en route.


B-25 Mural Concept Sketch

Rough concept of a an upcoming mural of a B-25 Bomber for a client who has flown thousands of aircraft, a real honor to work on this one. Final painted surface in a later post.


TSR New Concept

This concept began as a thumbnail and I just couldn't help but work it up a bit, and well I may have gotten carried away but it turned out to be a fun concept. More from the Sharpest Rides in the near future.


Four Seasons Finals

Above are the final paintings of the four seasons series that are now destined for South Carolina. Painted from imagination, these were a fun to work through and aim for mood, movement, and overall harmony of light and shadow, I feel it was successful. Excited to see them in their final home, will post final install photos when the pieces arrive down south. I will have giclees available individually, and in sets of four. Thanks for stopping in.


Prime Element Flourish Lettering In Process

Current apparel graphic in process, these were some quick sketches in pencil, looking to put some style in addition to getting the right flow and layout for the two word name, final soon and product samples.


Four Seasons Commission Color Studies

Current commission that I will doing for a long time friend that I am so excited about, these color studies are from imagination and I will be using these to work from for the final four paintings.