I have just returned from LA, it was a great trip, photos will be up soon. While I was away I recieved a few updates about the "Render Me Stupid" Exhibition at UNC in Greeley. Here is another writeup from the UNC Mirror about the show and its impact on the university. Click the link for the full article.


UNC Crocodile Hunter DEMO

Progress images of the second demonstration at UNC, for my "Render Me Stupid" solo exhibition. As I had mentioned in earlier posts that the mockup sculpture of the Crocodile Hunter was to be used as a model to paint from, to enhance the illustration. The painting progressed only so far, as I focused on speaking with as many students and faculty as possible.
Special thanks to Mark and his Graphic Design class, Lynn and her Drawing 1 class, and Amber for bringing the Boys and Girls Club down, also a gracious thank you to all the students who came by during the day, and those who hung out most of the day, I thank you all for the great artistic conversation and inspiration. The painting will be completed in the studio, seen here is about an hour of working time. Stay tuned I am off to LA.


Concept Sketch

New concept sketch for upcoming projects. For now a little teaser, stay tuned.


A shape study using a complimentary palette, fundamental composition, and a model to enhance illustrations. This color study is a bit of a parallel to my second demonstration at UNC tomorrow. It will showcase the use of a mockup sculpture, glazing, and direct painting to realize a finished illustration. Demonstration scheduled to begin at 930 am. Hope to see as many students as possible, I will also have a good deal of process work to show, including the Atmosphere project and others.



Shirt proofs courtesy of Anthony out in the city of Angels. The graphic is not yet finalized, but layout and basic color are prepped. The image is from the portrait that I painted of Chasm in LA this summer, and can be seen during "The Truth",3 The Hardway video featuring Rakka Iriscience directed by Eric Heights. Stay Tuned.



For my upcoming trip to LA for the Chasm Tribute. You can find info about his murder at AmericasMostWanted , two of the fugitives have been apprehended. Stay tuned for more. Design for shirts and more, taken from the portrait in Denver, completed in Adobe Illustrator.



From the BA Gun Challenge design, created in Illustrator. For use in upcoming apparel designs. Look for more info and product shots.


A Weekend Post

Some ongoing projects that I wanted to post at the end of the week, but Saturday will do. Weapon concept roughs from the ArtOrder BA Gun Challenge, which I didnt get to enter but still enjoyed putting some ideas down, finished the ink after completing the 2nd concept, which will be revealed at a later date, but for now some of the drawings.


Shaolin Commission

Recent commission for a practitioner of Shaolin, using the eagle versus tiger fighting styles as the basis for the painting. The style was left more simplistic to honor the manuscripts and scrolls that are usually adorned with the imagery of this conflict. The martial art of Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu consists of 35 chambers of study, the 13th and 14th chambers contain the lessons of Eagle Claw Kuen and Tiger Crane Kuen, these are taught just before advanced Chambers were introduced to the monks of the Shaolin temple.
The painting is aerosol on canvas, 24' x 36'.


Portraiture of a Different Kind

Here is a recent commission of an unusual subject matter, the household pet. This one in particular has recently past away, and the owner was inspired to have a portrait commissioned of this particular tabby.
In all honesty it was a challenge, and a lot of fun creating this piece, both sections of this painting from cat to cushion required the always interesting difficulty of painting light and dark objects. The cat being mostly pure black at first glance with white accents, most dark objects are" low key", meaning the key is seperated into many dark greys and rich darks, almost pure black, but not entirely. In the same instance the cushion and cats light fur are "high key" objects, meaning its values are set on the top of the grey scale. This combination of value manipulation and contrasting tones creates a very interesting piece. One which myself and the owner are quite pleased with.
Aerosol on canvas, 36" x 40"

Also I will returning to UNC in late March for another demonstration, more info soon.


Render Me Stupid Opening Night

The following images are from the initial install, and opening night of my solo exhibition at UNC's Mariani Gallery, "Render Me Stupid". First and foremost a special endearing thanks to Joan Shannon Miller for the invite and all of her hardwork to make sure that this show was a success. Also a special thanks to Sara Heimbecker for including me in her class, and having me speak to her students, what a great honor. I also have to thank Andrew, the dean of the visual arts department for involving me in the Voices of America, all the students who helped with the install, Joe, Mike, Erika, Sam, Priscilles, Rhonda (hope I spelled your names right), including the students from the Creativity in the Arts class, for your questions and participation in the show. This was the largest undertaking I have been a part of to date, let alone at the university level. It was a great inspiration to be a part of the academic life of these very talented students, and a driving motivation for me to continue creating illustration in our modern society. I am looking forward to another demonstration, possibly after UNC's spring break, since I had two demonstrations planned, and the latter wasnt made possible due to time constraints. The images above of the Cowboy Croc, a mock-up sculpture to be utilized as a model to paint from was this second demo's basis. I will be posting more photos from the opening night as I recieve them from other sources, students, and faculty that were present. If there was anyone I forgot, it was not a conscious decision , I thank you all for the conversation, debate, and welcoming environment I was recieved with. Look for more info soon, and remember to grab a poster, cd, or piece of art from the show, it will be running until April 2nd.
Here is an article from the UNC Mirror that describes more about the show, and the students reactions, click the link- UNC MIRROR.