Portraiture of a Different Kind

Here is a recent commission of an unusual subject matter, the household pet. This one in particular has recently past away, and the owner was inspired to have a portrait commissioned of this particular tabby.
In all honesty it was a challenge, and a lot of fun creating this piece, both sections of this painting from cat to cushion required the always interesting difficulty of painting light and dark objects. The cat being mostly pure black at first glance with white accents, most dark objects are" low key", meaning the key is seperated into many dark greys and rich darks, almost pure black, but not entirely. In the same instance the cushion and cats light fur are "high key" objects, meaning its values are set on the top of the grey scale. This combination of value manipulation and contrasting tones creates a very interesting piece. One which myself and the owner are quite pleased with.
Aerosol on canvas, 36" x 40"

Also I will returning to UNC in late March for another demonstration, more info soon.

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