Process progress of my skate deck for the Skatedeck Show 09. Direct Aerosol painting on the board, it also coincides with my installation for the Guerilla Garden Grand Opening. The final piece will be completed in the next few days and will be for sale on opening night, July 3rd.
Please come out and support this great showcase of skateboard deck custom art.



T-Shirt Designed for the Rude Rec Mural titled "Art is Justice", collaboration between Jeremy "Jolt" Ulibarri and myself. The shirts were given as gifts to the participants of the mural.


Photos from the unveiling of the Rude Rec Center Mural on the 27th. Thanks to all who came out it is a great step forward for Denver's Public Art programs.



Here is the flyer for the grand opening of the Guerilla Garden Warehouse, where my collabo installation with 8CHDEE productions will be on display. Hope to see everyone there!


On the final two painting sessions at Rude, our friend and advocate journalist Jared Jacang Maher came down to the mural site to interview and speak with the participants of the project.

Here is his write up on the project which can be found by scrolling over the key word WESTWORD RUDE REC PROJECT.

I got a call a few weeks ago from Jolt, local graffiti OG and head of the graffiti advocacy group Guerilla Garden.
"Hey, man," said Jolt, aka Jeremy Ulibarri. The background was noisy, like a freight train or an... indoor swimming pool? "We're doing that project I was telling you about today. You should come down and check it out."
When I've gotten invited to watch graffiti writers work in the past, the location has usually been some "permission wall" in an alley that no one ever sees (or a very non-permission spot on a rooftop in the middle of the night.) Jolt, though, always seems to have random projects cooking that involve teaching kids the more artistic, evolved side of graffiti. But working with businesses, non-profits or the city is a difficult line to walk, particularly since Denver -- as one of the first municipalities to make it illegal for minors to possess spray paint -- has been operating a very expensive battle against graffiti vandalism for years. The last thing officials want to do in most cases is put spray cans in the hands of unpredictable teens, no matter how structured the program.
Double whammy: Jolt's latest wall is not only actual city property, but the kids painting it are juvenile offenders serving time in the state youth corrections system. The $10,000 mural in the Rude Recreation Center near the Sun Valley housing projects is an experiment in restorative justice, explained juvenile parole officer Martin Friedman. The idea is to engage young offenders in public service to the same community that they had ostensibly harmed with their crime.
The fifteen-by-seventy-foot mural in the center's pool area was designed by Jolt and graffiti artist/illustrator Delton Demarest to look like a series of portholes looking out onto an underwater seascape. After writing a letter and submitting works of art, twelve teens were chosen to take part in a series of classes led by Jolt and Demarest on basic graffiti art techniques such as shading, color-matching and style. It's not easy stuff, which is why many teenage graffiti writers never progress beyond the crappiest of scrawled tags and wavy pot leaves.
But with a few sessions at Rude rec, many of the program's participants were fully painting their own characters and forming styles, clearly locked in the artistic process of experimentation and critique with their peers -- then stepping back and trying again, week by week. And at the end, their creation stays on the big wall of the community center for all to see. As one of the teens said to me, "It sure beats picking up trash on the side of some highway."
On the last day of the project, Westword intern Alexis Johnson made a quick video of the action (above). We weren't allowed to show any of the teens' faces or use their full names, since juvenile criminal records are supposed to be sealed and all. But you get the picture. A grand opening for the mural will be held at Rude rec, 2855 W Holden Place, on June 27 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Special thanks to Jared Jacang Maher and Alexis Johnson for the time and effort.



Second session between Nonstop and myself, great progress and excitement for this piece to be finalized and viewed by the public. Look for more soon.



Sketchbook Studies of Damien Hirst's "St. Sebastian, Exquisite Pain" at the MCA in Denver.
The exhibit presents Damien Hirst’s signature works, including the piece Saint Sebastian, Exquisite Pain, 2007 from the Natural History series, which features animals preserved in formaldehyde and displayed in large glass vitrines.

Saint Sebastian, Exquisite Pain, the central piece in this exhibition, contains a steer that is pierced by dozens of arrows and cable-tied to a steel post. The work is over 10 feet tall and weighs nearly 8 tons (15,873 pounds). This brutal yet noble interpretation of the saint’s martyrdom reflects Hirst’s concern with the Western tradition of Christian iconography, as well as his interest in the inevitability of death and decay through failures in science and medicine.

In addition to Saint Sebastian, Exquisite Pain, MCA DENVER presents two butterfly paintings, one shown for the first time in this US exhibition. These pieces, which Hirst recently announced he would no longer be producing, offer a sense of beauty, vulnerability and tragedy. A medicine cabinet sculpture connects animals and humans to science as pharmaceuticals are created using a combination of synthetic and organic materials.

Hirst’s work addresses various themes, largely in response to his personal experience and background. Religion and mortality are reflected through his Pop sensibility, which is direct, yet tongue-in-cheek. Often evoking outrage, intrigue and awe – Hirst challenges established societal attitudes through new explorations of classical themes in art to offer new perspectives on questions of life and death. He is regarded among the most successful living artists working today and is recognized as the preeminent YBA (Young British Artist.)

The Hirst pieces at MCA DENVER are on loan from the Artist and the Goss-Michael Collection. This exhibition is curated by Cydney Payton, Executive Director and Chief Curator of MCA DENVER, who is noted for her foresight in presenting artists at crucial points in their careers. Payton has had key timing in presenting emerging artists, highlighting international trends, and in the case of Hirst, showing his work when he is forging entirely new ground in the art world. This exhibition represents years of relationship-building for Payton, and indicates Payton’s and MCA DENVER’s outstanding international reputations.
(courtesy of denver.org)


Recent Aztec warrior character design. In tandem with mural concepts, will post progress and revamp sketches soon.


CHASM aka DJ SPELL R.I.P. May Los Angeles, Texas, and the rest of the world remember your smile. Such a great honor to paint Brian, and I hope his family and friends are happy with this portrait. R.I.P. CHASM! Shout out to P.O.S., Woe, and Sleepy and anyone else involved in Brians life for giving me the opportunity, thank you.


CHASM aka DJ Spell R.I.P. Process

Portrait in progress of DJ Spell a.k.a. Chasm, will post final image when completed, and info concerning Brian's legacy. A true honor to paint his likeness, and continue to breath fire to his flame. Completed portrait coming soon.


Mural at Rude Rec Center completed! With the grand skill and assistance of both Lookout Mountain and Third Way men and women, the mural is completed. Extremely satisfied with the finish and feel the mural gives to the interior of the pool area at the rec center. Such a wonderful experience to have and share with these young men and women, and the organizations and administrators that were pivotal in this project being a success. Once again a special thanks to Regina Huerter, Martin Friedman, Judy Montero, all of the Rude Rec employees, Lookout Mountain and Third Way, and all the personalities from both centers, wouldn't have been possible without any one person. The unveiling event will be held on June 27th so I hope to see everyone there.



Installation in progress at Guerilla Garden Studios. 8ch Dee is a collaboration between the one and only Dr.Nonstop, and myself, a mixed media mural installation being created at the Guerilla Garden warehouse, to be unveiled on July 3rd at the show opening. Here are some progress shots of the composition and theme, you can see that the artwork for sale is installed into the mural and painted as part of the completed piece. Giclees will be made available of the entire piece, and the individual parts are for sale. More progress photos soon to come.



Check out Leroy Smith and his new motivational campaign shedding light on his Airness, Michael Jordan. Jordan is soon to enter the Hall of Fame and rumor has it that this ad campaign is the beginnings of a new Nike line destined for release next year. Charlie Murphy at his best, next to the Rick James skits this stuff is side splitting. Viva Leroy Smith!
Thanks to the Denver Egotist for this gem!


Session 5 at Rude Rec Center now completed, only our final session to go next Tuesday. Project is turning out great and the community is starting to voice their enthusiasm. Such a great opportunity to work with these young men and women. Artwork courtesy of Lookout Mountain and Third Way. Look for the final painting session and unveiling event flyer soon.


Here are the screenprinted posters with the my cover artwork. Created by Dan Garza for The Inaugural Symposium of Truth and Rights. A great event and progressive meeting for all that attended, as well as a huge jumpoff for the online publication which you can find by scrolling your cursor over the T&R name. I will let the great content and fabric of the organization do the rest of the talking.
Special thanks to Nicholas Henkel, Dan Garza, everyone at T&R and the Mighty Manerok for the opportunity.