Photoshop WIP

has been taking some time, and I realize the posts have been few and far between, so here is some current progress that I am excited to reveal. A new cd cover in progress, and my first go at an entire digital piece in years. I studied up and got the rust out with some Photoshop studies and experiments that I will show in a later post. These helped me to re-familiarize myself with the process of layering and "painting" in Photoshop, and to give me a fresh look at some of the techniques and effects that I wanted to show in the final piece.
This is a detail section of the final cover, and an area that is receiving more light than some of the areas of the piece. I have also included a color experiment of cool greens, to see how the contrast is working on the spacecraft. Thanks for taking the time to stop through, and I have more coming soon, keep the dial tuned.