New work on the easel

involves many elements that I love, so this makes for a great personal piece. The final painting is 2' x 4' in oil. Excited to share the show information and the final painting. Thanks for stopping in I am off to California for work and some plein air! See you soon blogger! 


5 Years of Album Art

is a very deep and sacred post for me. I have to say, it is a real honor to be asked to create album art through this period of time, and within an industry which has drastically changed while creating for it. I am taking the time to reflect on the work from these years because I recently completed another album cover and it dawned on me. I never envisioned myself getting involved with album art, but having the pleasure of knowing so many young and budding musicians in those formative years simply equated to creating album art since I was in my fledgling stage during the same time. 
I think it shows in the work that I did learn and get better with each album cover. As time progressed other designers got involved in the projects, and you can see the different formats many of these albums eventually took. The other aspect that I have attempted to maintain was the idea of a "painted" cover in which I create original artwork that is then scanned and utilized within the digital finish. I have also included the works from "Art of Records" which have been a great way to pay homage to the love of album art. 
Some may appear as the same album cover, but were completed as variations on a theme as the great Prime Element went through a name change. I have also included a preview of the new album artwork. You may also notice a cover that never went to print that was always one of my favorites, and one album is missing, can you guess which one?! 

I want to say THANK YOU to all the artists I have had the pleasure of working with, from huge world famous artists to those that are still working and making a name for themselves!! Not only have I had the opportunity to work with these amazing artists, many I now know as good friends. It has been an honor and a pleasure to undertake the visual problem solving for so many different visions, I hope I have done the best I possibly can to fuse your ideas with the final imagery! And thank you to everyone reading and viewing this post, I hope you have had a chance to listen to these albums, and if you have not please check the links to do so!