Blown Covers Fashion Submissions

was our theme for Blown Covers last week. Had less time to work on these, but it did not make them any less fun. I like to think of vanity and self-loathing when I think of fashion, or fashion fresh folks, but I do have a profound appreciation for fashion designers and their process. One of the submissions is more a key on the project description, the others an homage to YSL, and a take on models being their own paparazzi. Click on the links below to see all the submissions, runners-up and the winner. Special thanks to Francoise and Nadja for the weekly contest and look for more on current murals and other projects in later posts. Thanks for dropping in. 


Mole Tunnel Mural Concept

pencil sketch for a new collabo project underway, there are a few process layers before this but keeping it short and sweet, more on this project in the next few posts. I always loved the cross section angles on old school cartoons, look for this one to have that feel and more. Thanks for stopping through.


Breck Brewery Blake Street Signpainting

for a custom Restroom sign, and some murals soon to come. This technique is adapted from the master himself, Scot Le Favor. I can't reveal the technique, but you can see the results, clean and perfect to the "T'. I have also provided my process sketches, and photos of the basic steps of the painted process. Three tone spraypaint on board, mounted as a picture would be with wire and hanger. The site shots show how I attempted to best match decor color and overall tone to the interior palette. The result is just as I hoped for, look for more info on the murals in the next few posts. Thanks for stopping by. 


Blown Covers The Beach Submissions

was this past weeks Blown Covers theme. I had another slow start on concepts, but arrived at a few solutions that I dig, none that made the runner-up, but still a challenging theme overall. You can also see the thumbnail sketches that the submissions were worked from.The winner and runner-up submissions can be found at the links below, so take a trip over to the blog and see what this weeks theme had to offer. I apologize for the lapse in posts, a few too many days in the high heat here in Denver has me relaxing in the shade more than usual.


BIBT Heatstroke Recap

of the live painting created at the Bring It Back Tour hip-hop stage. With record breaking heat and absolutely no shade to find anywhere I chose to paint the Railheads character that I have been exercising watercolors on. Here are some progress photos, shots of the performers and some of the days events. I did not have much time to escape the heat and painting, but here are photos taken by my friend Brian. Thanks for rolling around and capturing the day when I couldn't!
 Final painted surface was about 6' x 12', the other painting was done by Dread. Spraypaint on board about 4' x 6'. About 3 hours total working time, I think the piece turned out well considering the outside factors, and that it was extremely hard to use brainpower once we had been in 100degree heat for more than two hours. Featured in the photos is Prime Elements Cysko Rokwell, ManeRok and Bravo. Special thanks to Andrew Lindsley and the entire BIBT team. More posts later today or tomorrow. 


Iron Chimp Full WC

Digital rough stage below:

contains the first stage of washes on another addition to the IronApe Army concept series I have been working up. This was re-worked as a line drawing from my digital rough, transferred to the paper and I began to lay down initial thin washes. Shifting the palette on this one from the IronGorilla to exercise variations in metallic and hard-edge lighting with different values and tones. Look for the final layers and finish on many of the watercolor paintings I have previewed on the blog over the past months. Thanks for stopping in, more posts tomorrow. 


Blown Covers Artist Makes the Cover of The New Yorker

was the amazing news that I spoke of in yesterdays post. I was notified last Friday from Francoise Mouly that artist Gayle Kabaker was chosen to have her artwork go from Blown Covers to the New Yorker magazine cover!. The other submissions from the Weddings theme are also featured on the New Yorker Culture Desk's blog as well!

A great honor to be among the artists chosen on this theme and a blast to watch the blog become a production house for great cover art. Gayle's June NYer cover and my runner-up submission are posted above. Here is the description of how the cover was chosen, a statement from the artist and a link to the article online:

This week’s cover, “June Brides,” is the artist Gayle Kabaker’s first time in The New Yorker. The magazine’s art editor, Fran├žoise Mouly, found the image through her Blown Covers blog.

“I live in the Berkshires, so I do almost all of my work online,” Kabaker said. “It’s a big deal, getting on the cover. We’ve been getting the magazine forever—it comes in and goes straight on the kitchen table. We talk about the cover with my son, who’s seventeen, and my daughter, who’s twenty-three. ‘What do you think it means?’ It’s a conversation. And we all read it, dog-ear it, and leave it on the table for the next person to pick up.”

“Fran├žoise told me not to tell my mother until the issue actually went to press, because things could change,” she added. “I didn’t want to say that my mother’s dead—but I know she’d be very proud of me.”


GBS War Paint Complete and Clear


Before photo below:

Final process of Gazza:

Gazza Before photo:

Dizzee Rascal Final touches:

Dizzee Before Photo:

Final clearcoat being applied:

was the final step in completing this 50 x 13 foot mural located at GBS Fish and Chips on E.Colfax in Denver. You can see the finishing touches of rimlight and some basic adjustments to the figures that I spoke of in the last post about this mural. Each figure above has the before/after for the final layers that were applied, and close up shots of the detail areas to show the texture that these details were painted over, and to show the wonderful effect of painted topographical surfaces.
 I also clearcoated the entire mural and will get a full shot to you all in a later post this week, there is a large parking lot that does not allow for full panoramic photos when it is full, so once I get the early morning shot I will post it for you. Also some great news from Blown Covers this afternoon, look for that in a later post, or possibly tomorrow's post. Thanks for stopping by to view the finish of the GBS War Paint Mural.