Blown Covers Artist Makes the Cover of The New Yorker

was the amazing news that I spoke of in yesterdays post. I was notified last Friday from Francoise Mouly that artist Gayle Kabaker was chosen to have her artwork go from Blown Covers to the New Yorker magazine cover!. The other submissions from the Weddings theme are also featured on the New Yorker Culture Desk's blog as well!

A great honor to be among the artists chosen on this theme and a blast to watch the blog become a production house for great cover art. Gayle's June NYer cover and my runner-up submission are posted above. Here is the description of how the cover was chosen, a statement from the artist and a link to the article online:

This week’s cover, “June Brides,” is the artist Gayle Kabaker’s first time in The New Yorker. The magazine’s art editor, Fran├žoise Mouly, found the image through her Blown Covers blog.

“I live in the Berkshires, so I do almost all of my work online,” Kabaker said. “It’s a big deal, getting on the cover. We’ve been getting the magazine forever—it comes in and goes straight on the kitchen table. We talk about the cover with my son, who’s seventeen, and my daughter, who’s twenty-three. ‘What do you think it means?’ It’s a conversation. And we all read it, dog-ear it, and leave it on the table for the next person to pick up.”

“Fran├žoise told me not to tell my mother until the issue actually went to press, because things could change,” she added. “I didn’t want to say that my mother’s dead—but I know she’d be very proud of me.”

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