BIBT Heatstroke Recap

of the live painting created at the Bring It Back Tour hip-hop stage. With record breaking heat and absolutely no shade to find anywhere I chose to paint the Railheads character that I have been exercising watercolors on. Here are some progress photos, shots of the performers and some of the days events. I did not have much time to escape the heat and painting, but here are photos taken by my friend Brian. Thanks for rolling around and capturing the day when I couldn't!
 Final painted surface was about 6' x 12', the other painting was done by Dread. Spraypaint on board about 4' x 6'. About 3 hours total working time, I think the piece turned out well considering the outside factors, and that it was extremely hard to use brainpower once we had been in 100degree heat for more than two hours. Featured in the photos is Prime Elements Cysko Rokwell, ManeRok and Bravo. Special thanks to Andrew Lindsley and the entire BIBT team. More posts later today or tomorrow. 

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