GBS War Paint Complete and Clear


Before photo below:

Final process of Gazza:

Gazza Before photo:

Dizzee Rascal Final touches:

Dizzee Before Photo:

Final clearcoat being applied:

was the final step in completing this 50 x 13 foot mural located at GBS Fish and Chips on E.Colfax in Denver. You can see the finishing touches of rimlight and some basic adjustments to the figures that I spoke of in the last post about this mural. Each figure above has the before/after for the final layers that were applied, and close up shots of the detail areas to show the texture that these details were painted over, and to show the wonderful effect of painted topographical surfaces.
 I also clearcoated the entire mural and will get a full shot to you all in a later post this week, there is a large parking lot that does not allow for full panoramic photos when it is full, so once I get the early morning shot I will post it for you. Also some great news from Blown Covers this afternoon, look for that in a later post, or possibly tomorrow's post. Thanks for stopping by to view the finish of the GBS War Paint Mural. 

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